April 20, 2024

Nowadays, traffic can be properly maintained using street bollards. Clear sightlines are ensured on one hand and on the other hand safe pedestrian access is being allowed. The cars are guided with proper roadway demarcation. Vehicles’ access towards restricted areas especially traffic islands, public squares, bike lanes, and other related ones is prevented as a result of which unwanted accidents never occur. Street bollards can be of various types out of which the most useful ones are timber bollards. It is the need or purpose based on which the most appropriate bollards are chosen.

Popular street bollard types

  • Removable bollards: These bollards are quite flexible to deal with. Their positions can be easily changed from time to time. If additional space is required, then they can be quickly removed without any kind of hassle. These bollards can be maintained with ease as well. Delineation and unwanted vehicle access are generally prevented by them. They help in maintaining acute safety.
  • Automatic bollards: These bollards can be controlled easily and thus you shall face no difficulty in managing the same. No manual effort is required rather they can be automatically controlled even from remote locations. These bollards are equipped with many unique features and they serve multiple purposes at the same time. They have got a robust security system that makes a greater addition to the available features. They can be installed even in limited spaces. The best part is that their heights can be increased or reduced as per necessity.
  • Permanent bollards: If you want to protect your property from unwanted access to vehicles then nothing can be the best option other than permanent bollards. These bollards are getting used traditionally. Their installation is very simple, and it can be done at quite a lower cost. In this case, you can now use these bollards as one of the best options. Timber-made bollards are durable in nature and thus they last for years after years.
  • Decorative bollards: These bollards not only ensure traffic security but also make an addition to the aesthetic appeal. They can be made of either stainless steel or round concrete. Landscaping purposes can be effectively fulfilled as a result of which property boundary can be properly maintained. They are classy in look and sleek. They are very stylish to look at. They also very strong and thus rigidly stand in one place for long.

Both security and vehicle management are taken care of by street bollards. Timber bollards have now become the number one choice for all predominantly because of their outstanding features. The goals of traffic management get fulfilled. You need to get the right type otherwise your requirements will remain unfulfilled. In this regard, proper research can certainly assist you a lot.