July 12, 2024

There is a pigment in our skin known as melanin, tanned after long exposure to sunlight. To improve your melanin colour and keep it tanned, you can use many tanning solutions. Melanotan is one of the skin tanning agents that can be taken in injections for giving tan to your skin colour. There are two variants of Melonaton found that are Melonaton I and Melanotan II. You will come to know more about Melonaton further below.

What Is Melonaton?

Melanotan is one of the tanning injectables used to provide tan to your skin after its application on the body. An artificial form of the hormone melanocortin is referred to as Melonaton. This hormone aims to manage your body’s overall functioning and development and help keep your energy levels maintained.

While it takes a longer time to keep your skin tanned during its exposure to the sunlight, the Melonaton injections can prove suitable to tan your skin within a few minutes of its application. Initially, this product was used to treat certain skin conditions like vitiligo and erythropoietic protoporphyria, which negatively affect your skin. Apart from skin diseases, Melonaton is also used for treating erectile dysfunction.

While long exposure to sunlight can also lead to skin cancer, the Melonaton has no such side effects on the skin after its application. It a kind of photoprotection where you can get yourself tanned without any risk of facing skin diseases.

Different Types Of Melonaton

There are two variants of Melonaton, as discussed before, which are Melonaton I is and Melonaton II. You can buy any of the variants as per your budget at melanotan. They both are used for tanning and are peptides. The ultraviolet rays can cause premature ageing and dark spots in your skin, which become hard to be removed. However, both of the Melonaton variants work fine as a tanning injection; there are a few differences amongst both, which are

  • Melanotan I is comparatively safer in tanned skin can be preferred when you don’t want to deal with serious side effects.
  • Melanotan II is beneficial when you want to increase sexual drive and improve your body’s energy levels that Melonaton I cannot do.


Thus, both of the variants help in keeping your skin tanned, healthy and provide a natural coloured tan to your skin. You can choose any of them as per your requirement.