June 22, 2024
Best Things To Do In Hobart Tasmania

Tasmania is the capital city. Yes, this place is small but don’t underestimate it. They have exceptional wine and restaurants because of the beautiful view which you will enjoy. You will see and experience a lot of great things in Hobart. When you start your day touring the place you can visit it all in one day. Although when you have a few more days you can take your time and appreciate the place. As it has the most unique and attractive place in Australia. When you’re new to the place you can have these lists on what you need to do and see in Hobart.

Salamanca Market

The Salamanca Market is getting lively every Saturday morning. When you’re thinking that you will get lost don’t worry as you will see many people going through the harbor. You can follow it and once you see the waterfront you are already there. You can look around and when you are tired you can take a seat at the cafe near the edge of the market.

The local farmers, traders, and artisans are building stalls. So when you’re going around, take your time to look at their products and enjoy some free tastes. The market closes around 3 pm. You better buy all the things that you need.

Dinner at Aloft

wineries in Hobart

All their restaurant views are breathtaking, especially at Aloft. It is the best restaurant that can be found in Brook Street Pier on the top floor. They have tasting options that are available. You will taste an Asian twist with Tasmanian produce. When you want to try the place, better book it in advance. Choose a window seat and enjoy the sunset. To better enjoy the place you can order the tasting menu and enjoy eating delicious dishes.

Visit the wine valley

You can travel to a beautiful view of the family wineries. It is a 20 minute trip from the Coal River Valley. It is one of the major wineries in Hobart. When you’re going here you will see there is a small town. There are a lot of historic buildings and amazing bakeries.

When you arrive at the place they are not just offering wine tasting. But there is a restaurant that has an amazing view of the valley. You can order a homemade pizza and wander around.

Visit a historic site

It is the largest historical site. You better visit Port Arthur as it is the top place that you need to visit when you’re visiting Tasmania. When you’re from the city it is almost a two-hour drive. You will definitely enjoy the place and know interesting stories. Take a look around as you will see buildings and historical ruins. These are the asylums for criminals that are insane and penitentiary. You can also ride a harbor cruise and visit the Isle of the Dead. And you will see the museums and gardens. Most of the tours are stopping at the coastline. Better take nice pictures and try to visit the Tasman Arch and Devil’s Kitchen.