April 20, 2024

Unlike the regular coconut oil bottle, virgin coco oil is extracted, unprocessed and cold-pressed naturally. This oil is untouched, unrefined, and unbleached having just natural aroma of fresh coconuts. It is highly popular for the pleasant aroma, powerful antioxidants, taste, essential vitamins, and healthy fatty acids to name some of them.

If you are looking to buy virgin coconut oil, make sure you look for the oil produced from coconut without any heat exposure. Its gaining huge popularity all over the world compared to normal coconut oil for indispensable nutrition & benefits.

Refined oil is generally refined & processed by heat exposure and has little flavor of coconut since it is prepared from the dried coconut and copra. This refined coconut oil or RBD is first refined, bleached & deodorized. During the RBD process, oil gets deodorized in extreme heat, filtered via clays to bleach oil & remove any kind of impurities. After that sodium hydroxide is added to its final product that will ensure the longer life.

Why You Must Consider Having Virgin Coconut Oil?

There’re a lot of advantages of making the virgin coconut oil an important part of your schedule. Ideally, a virgin coconut oil bottle will fit in anywhere, no matter whether it’s by the bedside for quick massage on your hair, to nourish the skin or in kitchen for healthier body and mind.

Used as Energy Booster

Virgin coconut oil is mainly used by the bodybuilders, athletes, and for weight watchers. Fat content present in the coconut oil is converted quickly in the instant energy source and doesn’t lead to fat build up in the arteries and heart. Moreover, this helps to increase energy, endurance as well as boost your performance.

Best for Weight Loss

It is a known fact that we give more important to our diets than the exercising schedules. Not just it is very important to keep proper check on the calories but the source from where we get the calories. In such scenario, it’s advisable you replace the regular oil with cold pressed & unprocessed virgin coco oil.

Loaded with Vitamin E, polyphenols and antioxidants, virgin coconut oil helps to maintain your body’s hormone levels. With this, as virgin oil is totally free from any type of the saturated fats, it’s considered as the best alternative when it is aimed for the weight loss. Just because of the fact that most of athletes use virgin coconut oil.