April 17, 2024

Electricity is used by billions of people all over the world. You can get electricity through fossil fuels, renewable energy, and nuclear energy. Most electricity comes from fossil fuels, like coal, petroleum, and natural gas. But the best way to get power is through solar panels, where you can get electricity through the sun. Every year, millions of people are slowly transitioning to solar energy because it’s more environmentally friendly than other electricity sources. Even though it’s a bit expensive at first, the amount you get to save every month will be worth it. And that’s what Highlux is all about.

Highlux is a company that offers outdoor solar lighting for commercial spaces. It’s the best way to keep our surroundings bright during the evenings, without having to pay extra for the electricity. They have worked with huge companies and businesses, and they are trusted by many because of their eight years of experience in this field. Learn more about Highlux and their business of lighting.

Excellent Commercial Outdoor Solar Lighting

Highlux is known as a company that offers commercial outdoor lighting. Whatever your business is, they will give you the best choices to help light up your way. They have a fantastic service, on top of the amazing products that they offer. Some of the companies they work with are mines, civil, building & construction industries. Highlux aims to deliver quality solar lighting to all kinds of places. May it be the backroads, snowy mountains, city streets, to remote desert landscapes. Wherever it may be, Highlux will be able to reach your place and provide excellent solar-powered lights.

solar bollard lights

Highlux offers services that you won’t find anywhere else. They are AS/NZS compliant. They also provide installation aside from supply and delivery. Highlux will also offer advice, install products, partner projects, and have a five-year warranty on all products. These services are done by their professional and excellent staff.

Many Kinds of Solar Ranges

Highlux is known for its wide range of solar products, but two stand out. First, Solabollard is an award-winning vandal-resistant solar bollard lights. These are usually used for pathways, jetties, mine camps, holiday parks, and laneways. These are designed to work around Australian requirements and are already used in hundreds of locations all over Australia. The second one is Solanova. It is very powerful. You can customize it, and it is the best solar solution for streets, roads, laneways, car parks, shared pathways, and so much more. Again, just like Solabollard, it is designed with Australian requirements in mind.

Aside from Solabollard and Solanova, Highlux also has Solablades for pathways, car parks, and jetty. Solavega for signages, memorials, billboards, and trees. Solabaton for bus stops, pedestrians, tunnels. Lastly, the Solanero for security and perimeter. With Highlux, you have a lot to choose from, and your preference matters.