May 30, 2024

Moving to a sustainable decade of energy, we are finding ourselves amid increasing LED lights. Certainly, there are many advantages associated with using LED lights. Yet there are other negatives about this the reason why some people hesitate to buy one in their house. Let us see how street light fixture of LEDs work and what all to consider while buying one.

How do LED lights work?

LEDs stand for light-emitting diodes and are based on semiconducting materials. As electricity goes through this material, light is produced. But unlike the conventional incandescent light bulbs where light is produced by electricity passing through the wire and due to resistance heat energy transforms to light, here there is a “p-n junction” in one of which electrons are deficient. In the presence of electricity, the electrons from the other side move to the electron-deficient side. This thus works in a cool environment and produces less heat.

Pros and cons of LED lights

Let us watch out for what makes LEDs an excellent choice for street lighting and what makes some avoid this technology.


  • Environment friendly: They do not emit mercury or any other toxic gases out of the bulb
  • Energy-efficient: LEDs consume less energy compared to other light sources and saves a lot of energy
  • Light output: LEDs compared to other lights gives out higher light output. The ability to work in even low temperature helps to work in the winter season.
  • Instant brightness: While some lights may require some time to get heated and illuminate with full brightness, LEDs are not so
  • Accurate colour rendering: The presence of LEDs enable to observe the precise colour of the objects and helps during night travel in vehicles


  • Costs: The initial costs for installation and purchase might be high even they have dropped
  • Unidirectional light: The light from LEDs glow only in a direction
  • Effectiveness: It requires accurate planning during the installation process to get effective lighting with LEDs

How to buy the best lights?

Let us see the factors that matter for getting the best lighting. In a typical street while you consider street light fixture, the height of the pole, type of mount, wind speed and environment matters. So it should be planned accordingly.

LEDs are the sustainable generation of lighting source and should be respected for the advantages it brings to the environment and energy conservation. Similarly, selecting the right LED product also matters depending on many factors.