April 20, 2024
Proven True Signs That Your Computer Has A Virus

Not all virus, spyware, and malware removal can be easily done on your own. If you do not have the skills and knowledge, the virus will stubbornly hide within your softwares and will only cause more damage. That is why it is crucial that you protect your computer from this malware. You should be aware of what the signs and symptoms are to determine that yes, you are dealing with a computer virus.

Unexplained  Crashes

Having problems keeping a program working or even working properly at all? Then you might be dealing with a dangerous virus here. With a good-running computer, it should not make your system freeze or shut down automatically.

 Slow Start-Up

How long does it take for your computer to boot? If you notice that it’s longer than expected, then something is wrong. With the slow start-up, this will be followed by poor-performing programs. If it takes ages for any of your computer programs to open, then the PC might have a virus. But of course, you should rule out any possibilities of RAM memory or hard disk space being full.

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Annoying Pop-Ups

When you first had your computer, for sure you did not have any problems with these pop-up windows. But later on, you realize that the more sites you open and the more apps you download, the more frequent these unexpected pop-ups have become. Avoid clicking on pop-ups that usually say ‘a virus was detected.’ Most of the time, this is a ‘rogue ware’ that will ask for you to pay for a program to remove this fake virus. In this case, there is a good chance that you are dealing with a computer virus.

Storage Space is Full

Notice having not much space to save on your hard drive yet you don’t have that much in it? There is a huge chance that the virus is making your computer to be unusable. And when this happens, it would be difficult for you to use your PC since you have very limited storage space for your files.

Mysteriously Missing Files

Remember that some malware is more destructive than others. There is malware that has the capacity to delete files and programs from your computer without you knowing. There is also malware that can encrypt your files making them unusable since you aren’t able to open them. Or in another case, it can also move the files around which will make it difficult for you to locate them in the future.

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