June 16, 2024

For generations, humanity has had a fixation with food. Dogs, on the other hand, are not an exception. Some of the most outstanding dog trainers always have enticing goodies on hand to get the dog in a good mood for training. Choosing the correct dog training treat can make a big difference in how well your dog responds to training sessions. Here are considerations you must bear in mind to choose healthy dog treats:

Size and Texture

Treats used for dog training should not be large or hard to chew. We want the dog to focus more on training and not on trying to finish eating the treat. So avoid chewy treats as it takes much longer to complete. Softer treats like hot dogs, cooked meat, or cheese would work well and are also cheaper. You could also buy exclusive dog training treats, which are available in the market for training. Smaller treats also come in handy during agility training.

healthy dog treats

Color and Smell

Dogs have a more sensitive sense of smell than humans. As a result, selecting a treat with a more decadent aroma can encourage your dog to respond better during training sessions. It’s also important to be conscious of the treat’s color. When the reward is tossed in the air or falls to the floor, your dog should be able to recognize it. Because most training floors are dark in color, choosing a light-colored treat is preferable.


Dogs, like us, enjoy variety in their food. Though having a range of rewards for your dog is ideal, it is recommended that you utilize a single type of treatment for training sessions, such as a hot dog or cooked meat. Because the dog training treat is not available at other times, your dog will look forward to it, and more importantly, your dog will learn to associate the treat with good behavior.


It is preferable to select a treat that is high in protein and vitamins. This would be useful for both training and administering vitamin supplements to your dog. If you eat too many actual liver treats, you’ll end up with loose stools. There are several high-fat goodies on the market, so keep an eye out while shopping. It is preferable to feed your dog less before training sessions because it will help them work better.


The best and healthy dog treats is the one with a lot of protein and vitamins. This might be used for both training and giving your dog vitamin supplements. You’ll get loose stools if you eat too many genuine liver treats. Keep an eye out while shopping because there are various high-fat treats on the market. It is best to feed your dog less before training sessions so that they can perform more efficiently.