April 17, 2024
Amsterdam's museums

Art is lived in the depths of Amsterdam museums

The capital city’s long chain of museums highlights a panoply of artistic exhibitions dating from eras well beyond history. Each one is characterized by its general or specific aspect, there are those spread out on art in general and those focused on a particular movement. In this system, we find particularly the Moco Museum, a museum of modern and contemporary art.

The MocoMuseum at the center of a great revolution in its field

With its futuristic vision, the MocoMuseum is without a doubt the new Eldorado of artistic representation. Through movements that can claim to be neo-artistic such as street art and pop art, it integrates artists considered to be from the street such as Banksy. Since its opening in 2016, in a historic building dating back to the early 20th century, its innovations have continued to be visible, making this setting an iconic place. Today, its exhibitions have broken all boundaries, with its new online exhibition platform. He allows art lovers to visit all his masterpieces with a simple click.

Without deviating from his objective, these collections are strictly focused on contemporary and modern art. Special collections such as Banksy’s are on display, and radical art figures such as Andy Warhol, Jeff Joins, and many others.

Discovering Amsterdam’s network of art museums

Rich in variety, the capital of the Netherlands is undoubtedly home to some of the best museums in Europe. Amsterdam art museum notorious exhibition centers are the following:

  • The Rijksmuseum: Which is the torchbearer of the different museums of the capital. Its age, its space, and even its notoriety precede it.
  • The Van Gogh museum: very well known in the sphere of the museums of Amsterdam, it is a capital reference and one could not visit this city without thinking of the van Gogh museum.
  • The Anne Frank house: it is a writer’s house and a biographical museum. It is particularly focused on writing.
  • The moco museum: it is the modern and contemporary museum that distinguishes itself from the others. Virtuoso, radical, futuristic, are terms that best define it.

One can only say that Amsterdam is the very heart of museum history. It is full of many museums, each one different from the other. Visit the capital without forgetting to stop by the Museumplein, which concentrates all the big names.