June 22, 2024


A one-stop-shop for all of your automobile requirements and used corporate car export at Zion Auto. These experts are very knowledgeable and will provide sound advice on anything from essential maintenance to extensive overhaul. All of the work is being done carefully to give a completely new driving experience. They encourage you to contact them and inquire about a suggested session if you need assistance. Every pre-owned car purchased from Zion Auto has been thoroughly inspected to guarantee that it meets the highest possible quality standards.

Before the car goes to the hand of the customer, there are thorough vehicle checks performed by the experts so that there wouldn’t be any future troubles or issues.

Extensive inspections

Every vehicle is subjected to a series of rigorous examinations in the workshop in order to scrutinise its most critical components before being released for service.

Quality certified pre-owned vehicles

Before being delivered, every car purchased from republic auto must satisfy all certified pre-owned quality criteria and be in pristine condition.

Based on strictly restrictive criteria

The selection is made based on a rigorous set of criteria, which includes the car’s age, mileage, service and maintenance history, as well as the way the vehicle is being driven.

Every vehicle must pass through a rigorous vehicle certification process in order to ensure that all critical components are in working order. At this point, any required repairs or replacement of parts will be carried out by the technicians. The technical experts put the vehicle through its paces to verify that it is roadworthy in terms of traction, steering, and braking performance. This is done in order to guarantee that the vehicle’s future owner will have a smooth and pleasant driving experience while operating it.

After it has been determined that the car is in good operating condition, any dents or nicks are removed, the rims are fixed, and the paintwork is wonderfully restored to its former glory. Before it is driven into the showroom, the vehicle is subjected to a final quality inspection to ensure that it meets Zion Auto’s certified pre-owned quality criteria. The firm makes no compromises when it comes to providing our clients with the highest quality and service.


Zion Auto cars export Singapore is a high-quality car exporting business headquartered in Singapore specialising in high-end automobiles. With access to hundreds of vehicles and meticulous attention to detail, the company guarantees excellent service and automobile deliveries that you will be delighted with every time.