April 17, 2024
Know about Pension solutions

Working abroad for a few years then an adventure for expats and their families. So that it does not become the same for the employer, he would do well to plan the deployment of his specialists and skilled workers at an early stage and comprehensively. This expat pension advice includes, among other things, the work permit, relocation, medical coverage, a safe place to live and cultural integration. But not only: It is very important to continue the pension solution. It protects the expat and his relatives in the event of death or disability and, depending on the case, also includes a pension.

Set off for the new destination carefree

Companies have an obligation to do so. Employees want to settle in quickly in the host country and focus on their new job. The employer should offer them the best possible conditions. It is up to him to put together the package so that the employee can travel to the new destination carefree. International companies and SMEs that are expanding abroad and are looking for a suitable pension solution.

As well insured worldwide as at home

Some countries require the expat to join the national social security system. In the event of death or disability, there are often not the same benefits . Still other countries, for example in Africa, have no pension system at all: “In such cases, an international solution is essential.

expat pension advice

With its two international pension solutions, it is flexible in this regard. It is the only one that offers a provision for mobile employees that is 95% identical to the solution. This offer is also attractive for a smaller number of insured persons. Third country nationals or global nomads can also be insured. For particularly demanding needs or solutions in foreign currencies,has another option at hand.

Full focus on the new job

Even if it is not without effort – a well-prepared start abroad pays off. With the feeling that they are taken care of in difficult situations, the expat arrives better in their new home. And he can concentrate on the essentials; his new professional tasks.

With business travel insurance, employers can protect themselves and their employees against the financial consequences of illness, accidents and natural disasters on business trips abroad. By taking out business travel insurance, the employer fulfills his or her duty of care. Failure to take precautions can lead to liability claims. Very often it is key people from companies who are on business trips. In an emergency, they are dependent on professional help.