July 24, 2024

Memory foam mattress: what is it?

The memory foam mattress is a modern mattress that distributes the weight of the body evenly along the entire surface.

Initially the material was known as Temper Foam and was part of a project conceived by NASA to help its astronauts to effectively counteract the gravitational force, this material was used for seats and space suits natural memory foam mattress singapore.

Only in the last decade, thanks to the lowering of costs, the memory foam mattress has been renewed and updated according to the latest technological discoveries becoming in common use. Today it is sold in several layers, usually two or three. This is because memory foam needs a hard, thick base to prevent the body from sinking into it. Each layer must be at least 5 centimeters thick, below which it would not benefit the body.

Natural Memory Foam Mattress Singapore

Who is the memory foam mattress for?

People who tend to suffer from back pain, poor circulation, arthritis, rheumatism or those who have old mattresses that no longer support the spine are the best customers for this type of product. The vertebral discs are connected through the nerve afferents to different parts of the body, from this it is clear how incorrect posture is connected to headaches, neck pains and bruxism (grinding of the teeth).

Furthermore, an advantage of this material is to disperse or retain heat according to the external temperature, very useful for people sensitive to temperatures who seek a balance during sleep.

Being an ergonomic mattress, it changes its shape in accordance with the weight on it, changing shape cyclically according to the positions of the person sleeping on it. Once the body imprint is formed, it returns to its original shape after minutes.

Weight response : both are ergonomic but with a different response to weight, the memory foam will counteract gravity forming a real cast in a few minutes, it will stop the vibrations caused by the bed during a movement, thus leaving sleep undisturbed while the latex will tend to respond to the push with an upward stroke. For subjects who move often, however, this stop of vibrations could be deleterious, on the memory foam the movements are slowed down and are less fluid while the latex one responds dynamically.

Humidity : both are anti-mite and hypoallergenic but the natural latex mattress tends to accumulate humidity and that is why it needs more maintenance than memory foam.