June 18, 2024

UV laser engraving machine is a new type of laser engraving technology. It adopts the YAG laser as the light source and has a good hole-punching property, high output power, and high operation speed. The operation panel of the uv laser engraving machine is simple, easy to use, and convenient to operate. It is a new generation of high-precision equipment of micro laser processing, a revolutionary new product in a short time from the initial research and development to production that has been widely applied in all kinds of fields.

High-speed, low noise

The biggest difference between the uv laser engraving machine and conventional engraving is the speed. Lasers work much faster than conventional engraving and carving tools. A conventional 1.5HP router, for example, can carve about 160 millionths of an inch per hour. A 50W CO2 laser can engrave about 200 millionths of an inch per hour. But lasers have a speed limit. They can go faster, but they can’t go any faster.

The speed limit comes from heat. A laser heats the wood to a temperature just below the melting point. At that temperature, the laser melts the wood and begins to vaporize it. The vapor rises through the cut like smoke, and because the vapor is hot, it expands. When the vapor expands, it cools and hardens, like water cooling and condensing. The vapor cools so fast that when it hits the bottom of the cut, it slams into the bottom, creating a shock that cracks the wood. This cracking creates the rough surfaces that give laser engraved items their distinct look.

The speed and quality of a laser engraving system depend on the power and wavelength of the laser and the size and power of the pump. The more power, the shorter the wavelength. The shorter the wavelength, the more energy it puts out, and the faster it heats the wood. The higher the power, the faster it engraves. The laser itself emits most of its energy in a very narrow beam. The beam can be focused to a precise spot and is shaped into a thin, nearly invisible beam by a mirror called a beam expander.

Uses of UV laser engraving machine

UV laser engraving machine is a laser engraving machine for engraving and cutting on non-metal materials, mainly used in the leather, shoes, garment, wood, ceramics, glass, bamboo, acrylic, stone, engineering plastic, plastic, acrylic, textile, paper, metal, electronic, advertising, gifts, crafts, toys, stationery, furniture, DIY, home, and so on.

Laser engraving machine operation principle: The laser beam is emitted from the laser head, the engraving, and cutting of the laser marking machine uses the light to illuminate the object to be marked, and the material absorbs the energy from the laser marking machine, then the material will produce a large amount of heat, which will cause plastic deformation, melting, vaporization, etc., thus forming the desired mark. UV laser engraving machine application range: The UV laser engraving machine is mainly used for engraving and cutting on non-metal materials such as wood, acrylic, glass, bamboo, leather, ceramics, stone, etc.