June 22, 2024
Important Things You Need When Visiting The ER

Visiting the emergency room these days can be a bit confusing. Processes have changed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Before COVID-19 happened, anyone can just walk into an emergency room to get checked by a doctor or a nurse, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

These days, most emergency rooms will require you to call in advance and book an appointment, especially for non-urgent cases. So before you bring yourself or a loved one to get emergency care, it is crucial that you know what are the things that you need to bring during your appointment. Here is a list of what you must have during your visit.

Bring Health Documents

Before you go to an emergency room, it is important that you have all your important health documents with you. This includes your medical history and information. It should also have your medical issues written down. You can also have a list of your doctor’s contact information. This way, whatever the doctor needs at the emergency room, you will be able to provide.

Health Insurance Cards or Documents

Also, make sure that you have your insurance cards or documents with you. This will save time for the staff to look for your insurance information on file. Never delay care, especially during a medical emergency. Even though emergency rooms will see patients no matter what their insurance statuses are, it is still best to have them ready.

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Give Your Doctor A Heads Up

These days, those who are going to the emergency room are often have been checked by their doctor through telemedicine. If your primary physician advised you to come in request for them to call ahead. This way, there will be no confusion the moment you come in for your ER appointment.

Keep Your Phone Charged

Beyond your contact information, it is crucial that you have the names and numbers of your family and friends that the ER staff can contact if needed. Also, keep it charged at all times because you will never know when you will need to get in touch with a loved one or need assistance from outside.

24/7 Emergency Care in San Antonio

Some would say that it is best to just stay at home and self-medicate. Many are afraid of going to emergency rooms because of the scare that the virus brings. However, you have to remember that during emergency situations, it is always best to have yourself checked and treated by a doctor, someone who specializes in whatever condition you are complaining of.

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