April 20, 2024
Everything You Need To Know About Orivet DNA Tests

It is not just human beings who get DNA tests done. With today’s advanced technology, it is possible for cats and dogs, too, to get their DNA tested. These DNA tests are considered to be extremely important in the breeding process of dogs. Dog DNA tests can also help pet owners or breeders to know about the genetic health and ancestry of their dogs. Orivet offers all sorts of dog genetic services. These services are for veterinarians and breeders.

What does Orivet offer?

Dog DNA tests offer screenings of a variety of genetic diseases. These genetic diseases include coat colors, parentage confirmation, traits, and others. This company tries to take care of each dog breed and get their DNA tests done. These DNA tests are quite different from the other tests. The focus of these DNA tests is not only to find out the ancestry or breed of the dog but also to find out the physical traits and genetic disorders.

Cost of DNA tests at Orivet

There are different types of DNA tests available for all types of dog breeds. These DNA tests cost differently depending on the complexity of the test. However, the cost of each of these DNA tests also varies for members and non-members. Orivet charges members almost $45 and for the non-members, the cost is around $75. An extensive coat panel and color panel are available at different prices. It costs around $155.50 for non-members and $139.95 for members. There is also a Dog DNA profile available that can prove parentage. This also has a separate cost.


DNA tests at Orivet

The results of each DNA test can prove physical traits and parentage. These results also check if there are any genetic disorders or risks associated with any of those disorders. The accuracy of this company in getting these tests done is pretty high. Each dog DNA test can emphasize each area.

There is a test called the Wisdom panel test. This test can find even 1% of dog breeds. The Embark DNA test, on the other hand, look at almost 200,000 genetic markers. These markers can find genetic diseases and traits in dogs easily. The Premium wisdom panel test can look at more than 200 health conditions in dogs. However, this test is expensive compared to the other tests.

How does Orivet work? 

The DNA tests carried out at Orivet are quite accurate. It has developed some non-invasive and simple steps. This process is quite intricate and less complicated. Some of these steps include:

  • Breeders or Veterinarians can order their free swabs for their dogs.
  • They need to collect DNA samples of their pets.
  • The next step is to order relevant DNA tests for these animals.
  • Once you have collected the sample, you need to send these samples straight to Orivet.

These are some of the simple steps that breeders and veterinarians can follow to get their dogs DNA tested and get accurate results.