July 12, 2024
Area Gas Monitoring

Gas monitoring is many times necessary. The system helps to detect the presence of dangerous gases thus, preventing an explosion.¬†Area gas monitor¬†further leads to preventing the spread of toxic gases. The gas monitor system stops the gas level from spreading further. This action gets handled automatically by turning off the gas valves and turning on the ventilation fans. Besides this, the visual alarms get on to alert the workers. However, the gas detectors also get used for process or audible control. They are of great use for plant safety and people working in them. Let’s read about the applications of the gas monitoring system below.

How are gas monitors used in different areas?

  1. Detection of oxygen for the safety of workers in plants.

In normal fresh air, the oxygen level is around 21 percent volume. In big plants, it’s mandatory to keep checking the oxygen levels because reduced levels cause dizziness. So there is a fear of fainting or passing out for the workers. It can turn severe if the gas level is too low. It will lead to brain hemorrhage or death. Not only this, but sometimes the displacement of the other gases also causes a decrease in the oxygen level. Thus, the gas monitors warn regarding the low oxygen level and prevent the workers from facing severe injury or death.

  1. Detection of Toxic gases

Gases such as H2S and CO present in petrochemical working areas are toxic. These are also present in parking garages. So, detecting the increase of these gases is a blessing. It can save people from death. Many factories use these toxic gases in their processing and even get generated. So at such places, monitoring the toxic gases after time intervals is a must. It can alert thousands of people and save their precious lives.

  1. Flammable gases or tool detection

Flammable gases are one of the most explosive vapors. It can kill people and do tremendous property damage. Only ten percent of the gas is enough to create havoc. So, 10% LEL is set as the first alarm level to alert people. Taking actions such as turning off the valve and switching on the ventilation fans can convert the flammable gas level to the standard level. Similarly, you will find a higher presence of toxic combustible gases in the semiconductor plants.

These gases get used in the manufacturing process. Equipment such as gas cabinets and semiconductor fabrication tools requires ventilation with ducts. It draws the air away from such devices. That’s why using the gas monitoring system gives an early indication of any leakage before entering the plants.

Final Words

Apart from this, you can also use the gas detectors in other places where dangerous gases might be present. Some areas include factories, parking garages, plants, storage facilities, tunnels, and more. Thus, this equipment is always helpful in such cases. It is one of the best ways to save the lives of thousands of people.