June 22, 2024
hip replacement singapore

The human body is made up of multiple components like bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, joints, nerves, and more. Each of these plays a different part and works together to ensure the smooth and healthy functioning of the human body. However, with unhealthy habits and even as a person approaches old age, some of these components are bound to suffer wear and tear and weaken over time. When this happens a person can experience pain and discomfort. Usually, the hip joint is what causes problems for a majority of people. In recent surveys, almost 80 percent of people above the age of 70 experience hip pain and require hip replacement surgery.

In India itself, about 93 percent of people above the age of 70 begin to experience pain in the hip joint, which further becomes a major problem and requires surgery. This is one of the reasons why hip replacement surgery is one of the most performed surgical operations all across the world. The standard for this surgery has been set too high, especially by doctors of Singapore, hence any hip replacement surgery Singapore doctor approved is the one that is most sought after.

What is hip replacement surgery?

With factors like old age, the muscles and the bones at the hip joint of a person, tend to weaken over time and degenerate. When this happens, the person can suffer immense pain and discomfort, even while in resting positions. In its early stages, this condition can be treated with physiotherapy or medication, however, it is in the rarest of all rare cases, when a degenerating hip joint is caught in its early stages. Usually, a patient discards and neglects their pain as something caused due to old age and believes that it would resolve itself soon. By the time they get serious and consult a doctor, it is usually too late and the only course of treatment left for a person is to undergo hip replacement Singapore medical panel approved surgery.

Before opting to proceed further with it, you must keep various factors in mind and consult multiple medical practitioners and physicians to get the best opinion and advice possible. While surgery may sound like an immensely scary option if performed correctly and under the supervision of experts, there is nothing one has to be afraid of. Of course, there is a certain degree of risk associated with every surgery, and there can be complications as well. However, for medical practitioners, hip replacement is a pretty basic surgery and one they feel very confident performing.