June 22, 2024
Child Need Teeth Aligners

Straightening teeth can be affordable and easy. But, there are those afraid of straightening their teeth because of the pain, this is a fact. However, those who are interested in having straight and white teeth would endure the pain rather than have crowded teeth issues. Do you have misaligned teeth?

The Clear aligners for teeth are invisible teeth aligners that easily straighten the teeth for a smile to get proud of. It is reported that 25% of people lose their confidence due to the condition of their teeth and mouth. If you are embarrassed with your misaligned or crooked teeth, dental aligners help you achieve that confident smile.

Child Need Teeth Aligners

How do clear teeth aligners work?

Invisible teeth aligners are unnoticeable, clear tight-fitting mouthpieces fitted over the teeth. It is an alternative to the conventional metal braces. Clear teeth aligners have the following features:

  • Clear
  • Removable
  • Convenient to wear all-day

These clear teeth aligners can only be removed for brushing teeth, eating, and drinking. These are less noticeable than the traditional metal braces but can achieve the same results for many patients.

Who needs invisible teeth aligners?

Invisible or clear teeth aligners are prescribed for patients:

  • Correcting crowded teeth
  • Spacing
  • Bite issues
  • With overall improvement in their smile

The aligners help achieve the same things as fixed braces.

How does it straighten the teeth?

The invisible or clear teeth aligners work the same as the traditional metal braces. But, it doesn’t involve getting metal brackets glued to the teeth or the use of placing wires in the mouth. These are created from digital scans or molds of the teeth. These molds are used for creating a set of clear plastic mouthpieces that creates gentle pressure on the teeth.

Teeth aligners gradually move the teeth into proper dental alignment. Wearing the set of mouthpieces takes 1-2 weeks before switching to another set that moves the teeth to slightly different positions. Clear teeth aligners straighten the teeth and lead to your healthy and confidently clear smile.

But, keep in mind, as a patient you have all the decisions to yourself whether you want this type of treatment or the other kind. It is better to commit to one of your choices than to be forced, just because someone recommended you to choose it even if you don’t want to.

Many patients who are motivated to have aligned teeth wear clear teeth aligners to achieve that confident smile.