April 17, 2024
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It’s common practice to associate a particular colour with a certain mood. For example, conventionally yellow depicts happiness, and red shows passion. Similarly,interior designing has a huge impact on how friendly and inviting your house is, and even your own subconscious mood.

Factors affecting mental health:

  • Brightness:

Ideally, on a happy and active morning, you tend to wake up and pull apart the curtains, for the light to shine on your day. The state of a mind in a house depends highly on how well lit the room is. A bright room gives the energy to boost your day and an overall mild hue radiates a rather calm and relaxing mood.

  • Spaciousness:

Many interior designers would argue that the act of creating or providing the illusion of a spacious room is an art by itself. A spacious room seems inviting, especially for guests, and also improves your creativity and boosts you to think out of the box.

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  • Comfort zones

One of the most important aspects of a home to feel like yours is comfort zones. A cool-toned bedroom with cozy furniture is for relaxing, while a warm-toned study with comfortable but sturdy furniture is for work. These comfort zones draw a clear line in between your moods and help you manage them suitably.

Improving your home’s atmosphere

  • Nature-friendly

Throw in some plants and shrubs around! A room with natural elements gives you the feel of taking a breezy walk in the park or going on a picnic and helps you relax and chill.

  • Colours

Depending on the purpose you want your room to serve, make sure you match the colour elements to the atmosphere. For formal living rooms, add in some royal and luxurious colours like purple. For energy and innovation, add some bright colours like orange!

  • Art

Add some visually pleasing art or even just artwork that you relate to! This will help provide inspiration on your dull days. You can simply just study the artwork that makes you feel happy when you seem to be struggling with your emotions!

There are various benefits of3 room bto renovation package that make it too good of an element to simply pass on. While the elements depend widely on personal preferences, a design compatible with your lifestyle will have a positive impact on your mood. Take a look at your daily routine and design your room accordingly!