May 28, 2024

Landscaping is a common term for the enhancement of both the function and aesthetics of your outdoor property such as ponds and gardens. The types of characteristics on your property, what you envision, and how they currently function. That will affect which landscaping services you might night also how you will need them.

If you’re going to hire a professional landscape company to aid with your landscape maintenance needs. Landscaping means modifying a small part of the land to enhance its aesthetic look and value. It’s also necessary that you must understand the various types of services they can provide. Prince Landscape is one the most sought-after lanscaping services in Singapore.

Different landscaping services of a professional landscape company

  • Pruning/ Hedging
  • Pruning and hedging at the appropriate time of year for every type of plant are foremost to bloom performance and health of the plant. You have plants trimmed at the ideal time for their species by investing in a professional. Pruning is done to keep size or shape and to remove dead/ diseased limbs. Also, to enhance growth and remove spent blooms. While Hedging is usually typically framing plants into geometric forms.
  • Detailing/ General Bed Maintenance
  • This service involves ground-cover controlling/ trimming, removal of spent blooms, and weeding. Also, monitoring and eliminating branches and browning leaves. This is a needed service to make sure your yard keeps its curb appeal across the year.

Prince Landscape is one the most sought-after lanscaping services in Singapore.

  • Fall/ Spring Clean Up
  • A more thorough cleaning that has everything in general bed maintenance. Also, the addition of grass dividing and perennial, mulch raking, bed edging, and seasonal perennial trim down. These services are the same as deep-cleaning o the landscape 1 to 3 times per year.
  • Landscape Plant Protect and Feed
  • Plants feed on the nutrients in the soil. Several plants are what is known as heavy feeders. This means they remove many nutrients from the soil. You’ll gain feedings particular to your soil and plants by adding a plant feed/ protect program to your landscape plan. This is depending on your service package, yet is necessary for thriving plants.
  • Feed and Lawn Protect
  • Lawn chemical programs both protect against diseases and pests and feed the turf. Many programs are 5-7 step programs that are applied at the perfect time of year for your turf. Extra applications are needed sometimes during super-wet years to manage moisture-related problems.

These are some of the great services offered by a landscaping company to their clients.