May 30, 2024
Buy Personal Accident Insurance Online

Nobody likes to get into an accident, yet it’s distressing that many people experience it each year. Life happens to be unpredictable and mostly it’s beyond anyone’s control. While people cannot avoid accidents, it’s always a great plan to prepare ahead for you and your family for these unexpected situations. Accidents are financially draining especially for breadwinners. This makes Buy Personal Accident Insurance Malaysia a must for everyone.

What is a Personal Accident Insurance?

            Personal accident insurance (PA) is an annual policy that offers compensation in the event of disability or injuries. Or death caused by an accident, violent, external, and visible events. The definitions for accidental, violence may vary from insurer to insurer. Different PA policies provide the scale of benefits and different coverage. Normally, the standard types of coverage provided comprise permanent disablement and accidental death. Medical expenses, hospitalization benefits, corrective surgery, and funeral expenses.

The plan is created to pay out if you are injured or die in an accident. Wherein policyholders get a tax-free lump sum in the unexpected events that are included in the policy.

Know what a personal accident plan is

            Buy Personal Accident Insurance Online this personal accident plans give interrelated insurance coverage. For disability, death, and accidental injuries. This is usually in the form of a reimbursement basis or a lump sum payout. Personal accident plans normally offer the following coverage:

Buy Personal Accident Insurance Online

  • Temporary and Permanent disablement
  • A temporary or permanent disability that occurs in an accident will be covered. This will only be enclosed if it was produced by an accident.
  • Accidental death
  • While accidental death is protected, death from natural causes is not.
  • Burns
  • Burns can result in temporary disability and accident policies mostly cover this.
  • Hospital cash allowance
  • Most personal accident plans give a daily hospital cash benefit for the days you are hospitalized, up to a particular limit.
  • Medical expenses
  • Most personal accident plans have a medical expenses claim up to a certain limit.
  • Income benefit
  • Many accident plans also provide an income benefit.

Why you must have a personal accident plan?

  • A lot of injuries and accidents do not need hospitalization
  • Provide you options to seek other types of treatment
  • Free coverage for your children
  • Daily hospitalization benefits allow you to offset co-payment for your hospitalization
  • Once you are more prone to injuries
  • Serious injuries can result in temporary total disability.

Getting a Personal Accident Plan is an affordable way to improve the coverage that you have at a reasonable price.