July 24, 2024
Otah Supplier Singapore

The Otah dish contains grilled fish and spice ingredients blended with chili and turmeric. The recipe comes from Asian countries resembling the spices of Indonesia and Singapore. People fall in love with the grilled fish paste because of its softness and delicious spices. Lemongrass gives the dish a tint of sourness besides hot chili. Wrapping the fish in banana leaf enhances the natural fragrance. People can smell the aroma from a distance while the cooking is in progress. Fall in love with the Otah fish cake while roaming the streets of Malaysia, Indonesia, or Singapore. otah supplier singapore gives you the perfect taste of the fish cake. Read about the ingredients and cooking procedures of Otah-grilled fish.

Nutritional value of otah

Fish and the ingredients with local herbs and spices make the dish delicious. Buy the frozen Otah from retail stores to check the packaging dates and ingredients. Herbs have nutritional benefits for people fresh from gardens. It carries anti-inflammatory properties and oxidants to regulate blood flow. It makes the Otah fresh to eat without harnessing fish quality. Always consume products in frozen packets or raw materials to retain nutritional values.

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Reheating ways

Refrigerate the Otah fish paste to finish eating in a single serving and heat them in the pre-heat pan. Keep the fish paste in the pan for about 5 minutes and flip them to spread the heat. Frozen Otah requires reheating for a minimum of 5 minutes according to the thickness and size of the paste. Place the fish paste in the oven and spread the heat before consuming directly.

Wrapping the fish cake Otah

The recipe for Otah fish is traditionally in attap leaves from palm trees. It takes two pieces of palm leaves to secure the entire fish fillet. Spread the leaf on one side to cover the fish paste and half-fold it. Slide the leaf with the fish paste to avoid leakages and place toothpicks to hold it firmly.

Banana leaves are available worldwide for wrapping the Otah fish. The recipe needs banana leaves of about 6inches*4inches to scoop the entire fish fillet. The middle portion of the leaf secures the fish with toothpicks.

Final thoughts

The simplest way to cook Otah is in a pre-heat pan for about 15 minutes. Some people use the oven for cooking the dish to blend the spices. The temperature inside the oven should be over 200 degrees to make the fish soft. Allow them to cook for 8 minutes and season with spices. This dish is famous in Malaysia and Singapore for customer choices and demands.