April 17, 2024

As a laser skin resurfacing treatment, Fotona is a highly advanced form of technology. Using a laser, such as Fotona 2D, patients can enjoy various benefits, including smoothing out wrinkles, adding youthful volume to their faces, or even restoring their skin’s pigmentation to its cohesive appearance after it has suffered damage from the environment or simply from ageing itself. The following will explain how Fotona 2D, specifically fotona face lifting, can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.


As a result of DynamisFotona laser skin resurfacing technology, four different treatments can be carried out. The other treatments will be discussed in a moment, but for now, we must understand that Fotona 2D combines two different fotona face lifting technologies: Smoothliftin and Piano. We’ll look at the benefits of each of these two Fotona treatment styles in a moment.

fotona face lifting


It is important to point out that Fotona laser skin resurfacing is not an operation. It is non-invasive and, in some cases, more affordable for many patients than a surgical facelift or dermal filler injection. However, it can provide many of the same benefits. In the Fotona 2D, Piano skin tightening is applied along with SmoothLift intraoral tightening. The laser employed to perform piano skin tightening is the Fotona laser, which naturally stimulates collagen production.


As a result, the skin becomes more firm, youthful, and voluminous. Many patients will see dramatic results when SmoothLiftin is used together with it. This product is particularly effective for the cheeks because it tightens the skin from inside the mouth. Using SmoothLiftin, you can achieve plumpness without needing injections, much like dermal fillers. You will also experience a longer-lasting effect than dermal fillers if you opt for Fotona 2D and 3D and 4D, which typically have effects lasting only six months or two years, with an “extra-long” duration dermal filler lasting up to two years.


There are also two treatments in the Fotona suite in addition to SmoothLiftin and Piano: Frac3 and SupErficial. Whether you need one or all four of these treatments to reach your unique goals depends on your unique anatomy and can be tailored and applied according to your needs. The choice is yours with the help and advice of the medical practitioner you work with. You will find it easiest to learn more about Fotona 2D or other treatments available through this revolutionary technology if you’re interested in laser skin resurfacing treatments, whether through Fotona or similar technologies. Consult an authorized medical practitioner to receive this revolutionary technology.