April 18, 2024
The UK Rules On Buying & Setting Off Fireworks

Special occasions always deserve special arrangements. These occasions like Diwali, and Christmas are incomplete without some mind-blowing fireworks. The right selection of fireworks can spread that much-needed party vibe in seconds. And the fun fact is that you are never too old to buy fireworks. From kids to elders, fireworks spread happiness in everyone. But don’t let this happiness or excitement ruin the safety rules. The UK government has some strict rules on buying and arranging firework shows. And as responsible citizens, we all must follow all these rules. So want to know something more about these rules? Let’s have a look into this.

Buy Fireworks Only From Authentic Sellers

No matter whether you are buying some Diwali fireworks or setting up a firework show for your kid’s birthday you must buy these fireworks only from registered or authentic sellers. Do not buy fireworks from random places. Do not encourage random sellers you get to see sitting nearby beaches and restaurants and selling fireworks. Buying fireworks from unauthentic or unregistered sellers is highly illegal and the government may take strong actions against you for buying or storing such fireworks from a random seller. So do not ever commit this mistake.

You Can’t Buy Firework If You Are Underage

People who are still under the age of 18 are not allowed to purchase any fireworks. You need to be an adult person to purchase and store adult fireworks. If you are underage and get caught with such adult fireworks you may get seriously punished.

Maintain The Date And Time

Generally, the UK government permits people to set off fireworks only on special occasions like Diwali, Christmas and Chinese New Year. So mark the dates on your calendar and buy your Diwali fireworks according to that. Maintain the time protocol very seriously. Remember one thing, you are not allowed to arrange a firework show between 11 PM to 7 AM. Burning crackers in between is like violating the government’s rule which can cause some serious fines. Also, remember one thing if you want to arrange a firework show for your private party you may have to take special permission from the government.

Keep A Safe Distance

You have to maintain 5 meters of distance each time you are lighting a firework. Maintaining such distance is a government rule that has been designed for your safety. So obey this law no matter what to keep yourself safe. Also, don’t let any kids or your pets come across any of these fireworks.

Thus to conclude, maintaining these above-listed rules will help you to have a safe and successful firework show. So just be careful and follow the rules well.