June 18, 2024
Inflatable Design And Customization Options

Inflatables are an eminent part of advertising. They can also be used for fun activities- you can hire pool floats, bouncy castles, etc., for your child’s next birthday party. These air-filled tubes are very special as they grab the attention of people of all ages. Whether you want to promote your brand in the area or just want your children to enjoy a party, inflatables can be a great choice.

Inflatable Planet offers inflatables in various shapes and sizes. Their combination of size and weight makes them a great choice to play with. You can also use them in your beach parties- apart from adding a pop of colour, these light and bouncy props are very safe too. Due to their lightweight, they are less prone to cause accidents and injuries.

The Designs

Inflatables are much more than just a balloon. They are high-quality products made with great effort. When you try to inflate your customized inflatable, make sure that you are following the manual; this will help you with the right inflation, valve closure, and other techniques associated with inflating. A rightly inflated inflatable will give you the maximum utilization.

The Larger The Better

The larger inflatables are more interactive and they are capable of handling the air pressure better, which means that they can balance better. Make sure not to over-inflate them as that can burst the welded seam. Remember that the material will stretch over time, thus you should top off the inflatable with air pressure periodically. Your inflatable should feel firm, without any heavy creases or folds- but they should not feel so tight that they might seem to burst open.

Inflatable Design


Inflatable Planet offers fully customized inflatables according to your needs. The inflatables can be given different shapes and sizes as per your specification. They can have simple or complex designs to adhere to a wide range of purposes. The price would vary with the customization extent of the inflatable. They are made of a material like PVC, which is long-lasting, durable and comes with fewer defect rates.

Go For Thinner Material

Always ensure that your inflatables are made of thinner material. Now, you might think that thicker inflatables are more durable but that is not true. The thicker the inflatables are, the tougher it is to weld, fold and package them. Thicker inflatables come are more prone to manufacturing defects and broken seams- these leakages are not also easy to fix. The thicker materials are also tough to carry and they usually have unusual bumps and shapes.


Thus, when you are buying inflatables, it is crucial to consider their quality. You can get fully customized inflatables of shapes and sizes according to your requirements. It is crucial to look into the minute details to ensure you are buying a quality product.