July 24, 2024

There is no improved place to stay than in a conventional Hanok House or one of the neighborhood Korean guesthouses in Jeonju, South Korea. The Jeonju Hanok Village, close to most of the city’s top attractions, is the best place to stay in such a hanok house while visiting Jeonju. Hanok Story Guesthouse is a short stroll from Jeonju Hanok Village but is located in a more tranquil area far from the crowds. Beautiful apartments with exposed support planks can be found inside the hanok and some interesting lofted sleeping quarters. You will have a great experience on the 전주출장마사 (Jeonju business trip).

Mount Omodae Viewpoint Hike:

One thing you must do in Jeonju is gain some altitude to look down at the expansive Hanok Village. The Omodae Viewpoint is located in the southeast corner of Hanok Village, as well as its numerous wooden staircases make it simple to ascend to the top of the small hill.

Fear not; it is more like a few flights of stairs than an actual hike. It takes 5 minutes for anyone to reach the top. The top has a small pavilion in which you can lay without a perspective, although you can see the tiled roofs of the Hanok Village houses by going to each trailing edge.

Visit the Confucian School in Jeonju Hyanggyo:

The best preserved Confucian school, located about minutes on foot from the central Hanok Village, is another attraction in Jeonju. Confucian scholars could easily have wandered the courtyards of these buildings, which have been preserved strictly as they were employed thousands of years ago. In Jeonju, portions of the school are still utilized to instruct students in Confucian values.

The gingko trees at this school are well-known for turning an outstanding yellow in the fall. They were placed there to stand in for learning and scholarship.

Deokjin Park visit:

Deokjin Park is a place to go while in Jeonju, notably during mid-July when the lotus floral season is in full bloom. Despite being a bus ride from Jeonju Hanok Village, the campground offers a chance to unwind in nature and take in the expansive ponds that have been a favorite among locals ever since Koryo Dynasty in the 900s. For these reasons, you need to visit 전주출장마사지 (Jeonju business trip).