June 21, 2024
automotive dealership building contractors

Green practices at a dealership can help reduce operating costs and eliminate the need for excessive energy consumption. Putting in measures that are more efficient, environmentally conscious, and sustainable efforts will allow dealerships to save money on utilities expenses. One of the key aspects of sustainability is reducing your carbon footprint. Adopting greener practices with automotive dealership building contractors can help in this regard as well. Adding some energy efficient measures to your dealership can make it a more sustainable location, and will ultimately help in cutting down on your utility costs.

Use solar power

Solar power is energy derived from the sun and is a way to harness this vast source of energy. The most affordable method to generate solar power is with photovoltaic panels that are attached to your roof. You can also use solar power to heat water or cool a building, which can be beneficial if you have multiple buildings. Though the cost of installing solar panels is significantly higher than other forms of energy, it is still a financially viable option when compared to utility bills.

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Use LED lights

LED lights are more efficient than traditional incandescent lights and can reduce your electricity bills substantially since they do not have an upfront cost like traditional lights do. There is a growing demand for LED lights since they offer superior performance. For example, they are able to turn off and on their lights faster than incandescent bulbs. This means that the energy saving benefits will far outweigh the initial cost of installing them.

Install green roofing

Green roofing can be installed on any surface and will have various beneficial effects on your environment. It is a great way to incorporate greenery into your facility and can be used to absorb rainwater and reduce storm runoff. They also have the added benefit of helping to insulate the building and providing shade. This means lower cooling costs and less probability of roof leaks.

Use green materials

Green materials are sustainable because they are made out of recycled substances or byproducts that would typically get thrown away otherwise. For example, fluorescent lighting uses elements that are emitted by burning coal, and is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to incandescent lights. Using green materials can also help your dealership gain LEED points and make it easier to achieve certification.

Go paperless

Being paperless at your dealership can help reduce the amount of office equipment and create a greener environment. There are many programs that can help you with this, including e-clipboards and using laptops instead of desktop computers. You can also go paperless by emailing documents instead of printing them, and using recycled paper if necessary. And in order to be completely paperless, you could even go so far as to barcode all of your inventory, which would allow transactions to go through electronically.