June 22, 2024

Pallets made of plastic are stiff constructions that give items stability when being transported or stored. They are among the crucial instruments used in the supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing sectors. The way the surfaces are supported, the number of entrance locations, and the layout and style of the decks distinguish multiple kinds of plastic pallets for sale. Certain varieties include extra characteristics to enhance gripping aesthetics and ease.

There are many types of Plastic pallets. Below are a few of them:

  • Stringer Plastic Pallets:In stringer pallets, the axial, parallel slabs known as stringers are set throughout the middle of the pallet and in opposition to each other to hold the topmost layer.
  • Pallets made of plastic blocks:The blocks are vertical pillars that are placed at the turns, in the middle of every edge, and in the center of the pallet structure to stabilize the top deck in block pallets.

Pallets made of plastic can be categorized based on how many access points they have. The places wherein a pallet lift or a forklift’s ‘forks’ may get inserted to raise or move a pallet are known as entrance spots.

  • Plastic Pallets with Four Ways: Pallets with four entry points permit access from either side. Since the handling gear can reach all sides, they offer greater operating efficiency (i.e., a shorter period spent filling and discharging), particularly in tiny spaces with limited floor space. Block pallets are typically all four-way pallets.
  • Plastic Two-Way Pallets: Pallets that are marked as two-way only permit access on their opposite ends. Because there aren’t many entry places, the lifting gear has to turn to a certain angle to reach the pallet. These pallets need to be stacked in a way that reveals their opening ports so that the machinery for handling them can reach them.Every stringer pallet that hasn’t been altered is a two-way pallet. Notches must be made to convert a two-way pallet to a four-way pallet; this is not possible with pallets made of plastic but is doable with wooden stringer pallets. Two-way pallets lose sturdiness and capacity for load as a result of this transition.
  • Plastic Skids: Pallets and plastic skids are frequently used alternately. Skids are all pallets that lack a bottom platform. Skids made of plastic weigh less. Its bottom deck is missing, which improves its movement and facilitates sliding.
  • Plastic Pallets with Open Decks:Plastic pallets with an open upper deck feature “ventilations” or mesh-like holes. The damp goods that are being transported can evaporate thanks to the holes in the top deck. Additionally, the pallets are cheaper and weigh less because of the perforations.

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