June 18, 2024

Your child loves to run, jump, hop and do a lot of other actions that involve plenty of energy. However, she is sometimes in a mood to play quietly in a corner when she wants to copy you.

This is the time when she needs her own kitchen. Whether your little princess is very young or grown up a bit, a play kitchen comes in handy always to amuse her.

Image Courtesy: step2direct.com.au

You can buy a new best kids play kitchen from Step2 Direct or revive an older one. Here are a few ideas to make your new or old play kitchen as convenient and fun for your child as possible.

1. Real Pantry

Your child will be excited to get real pantry items to play with in her kitchen. They should be emptied and cleaned thoroughly of course.

Lids of the containers promote fine motor skills. But if the containers are looking abused, just trash or recycle them.

You can give your child food cans, milk jugs, coffee creamer containers, yogurt containers, dish soap containers, kefir bottles, orange juice bottles and so many other items.

But make sure you give only as many item as your child can handle as per his age. You can store additional items away and go on adding them as your child grows and becomes able to manage them.

Play Kitchen

2. Less is More

Unless you love to clean up the entire setup, less is more for a play kitchen. Make sure, you get just a few pieces of each item.

Kids can handle more number of items as they get older; so, store whatever excess you have away in a box and go on adding it little by little.

The kitchen has built-in items like built-in appliances, oven and sink, which usually create enough interest. So, there is no need to have too many items to start with.

Plus, when there are only a few items, it’s a trigger for children’s imagination to pretend whatever they don’t have.

Image Courtesy: step2direct.com.au

3. Add Hooks

If they are not present, add a few hooks to your child’s play kitchen, so that he can hang up his chef’s hat, apron, pot holders etc. there.

This will avoid lying down of these items on the floor when not in use and make it easy for children to find them when they need them.

If possible, use the hooks that are easily removable.

4. Real Tubs and Bowls

Real tubs and bowls are great for organising food items because real containers last much longer than playthings and are available easily from your real kitchen.

Or you can even buy them for your child’s play kitchen.

You should of course shop for a swing and slide set at Step2 Direct to engage your children into energetic play. However, allowing them pretend play like play kitchen is also essential.

Such a play allows them to solve common problems, cooperate with others, carry out tasks together, understand the importance of teamwork and at the same time enjoy a lot.

So, encourage them and add to their fun with the above tips.