July 24, 2024

The few things that come to anybody’s mind when hearing ‘Finland’ is a polar bear,  the magical place of Father Christmas: Lapland, the harrowing unique music band Lordi. But there are many things yet to be explored of this beautiful metaphorically Scandinavian country. The land is blessed with lush and scenic natural beauty. The country boasts of one of the most modern and liberal political systems. And how can we ever forget the captivating and scientifically bemusing Northern Lights? The traditional dishes of Finland have gained recognition across the globe be it: Mustamakkara, Valkosipuli Soup or Lohikeitto. From small towns to well-developed cities, there is an essence of natural beauty that Finns sprinkle around wherever they step their foot.

If these reasons are not sufficient enough for you to visit Finland, read the following to know about the two must visit places  in Finland that you can not afford to miss:


  • The capital city of Finland, Helsinki. It is one of the major tourist attraction of Finland. Mostly tourist is amused by its striking resemblance to St Petersburg, Russia. This place was built to replicate the famous Russian city.
  • There’s no lack of tourist places in this city, and you are going to want to stay more than just a few hours. You can visit the Neo-Classical Lutheran Cathedral or the Uspenski Cathedral.
  • There are many museums you can visit there. The history lovers can know about the elaborate Finnish history through the exhibits at National Museum of Finland. If military stories interest you, we suggest you visit the Military Museum’s Manege.
  • Don’t miss out on trying the traditional food like smoked arctic char they serve at high-end as well as decent restaurants in Helsinki.


  • The place that suffered the wrath of Second World war now is known as the capital of the enchanting Finnish Lapland. Located in the Arctic Circle, the beauty of this place is best observed and enjoyed in winter
  • The official Finish Home to Santa Claus, you can relive your childhood in the Santa Claus based amusement parks. Santa Claus Village. You can also go to Joulukka, a Christmas theme park, 16 km ride from Rovaniemi. Also referred to as Santa’s Secret Forest, you can have your Christmas memories back by baking gingerbread cookies here.
  • You can enjoy your stay at the hotels providing igloo shaped rooms and enjoy the spectacular Aurora Borealis lights.
  • Make sure you try the famous delicacies of Rovaniemi that includes reindeer meat, salmon, fresh fish and wild berries.

Mark Finland as your next country for Europe Tour and make it a point to visit these places. If this is going to be your first trip and you are worried about the conveyance system, you can put your trust upon the airport transfers services at Rovaniemi Airport as well as Helsinki Airport. You can either opt for private service or shared shuttle service. Their 24-hour service makes sure that the tourist reaches their accommodation safe and secure.