June 22, 2024

When it comes to applying for permanent residency, Canada is the first choice for many people around the world. Courtesy of it goes completely to the very simple immigration policies as well as the cultural diversity. The cultural diversity actually entices the Indians more and that is the reason why they tend to immigrate to Canada. Other reasons like democratic values, career opportunities and so on lure many people. To apply for the PR Visa Canada however, you should opt for the point based Canada Immigration programs. Some of the best point based Canada Immigration programs are Express Entry System, QSWP and PNP.

Do You Qualify For Permanent Resident Visa Canada?

This is one of the most asked questions by people who are actually thinking about immigrating to Canada. The eligibility does not come into play when you just want to go to Canada for a vacation. But when you want to have a Permanent Resident Visa Canada, you would need to check your eligibility.

First, you should know that having a permanent residency visa of Canada would not make you a Canadian. It is true that you will get the facilities that other Canadians get but you won’t be termed as a legit Canadian. Instead, you would just be a permanent immigrant in Canada. The permanent resident visa however is a proof to your permanent residency which you might need to carry around for obvious reasons. Also, there are many perks of being a permanent resident in Canada which is stated later in the article.

There are many websites around the internet which lets you check your eligibility. This is a good part since you do not have to roam around finding an expert who can guide you through the process. Not only do the websites give you a brief idea about your eligibility but also give you advices. Advices on how you can be eligible, in case you are not. Free advices from experts are given and without a doubt, these are legit words you can trust.

What are the benefits of becoming a permanent resident of Canada?

  • You can live, study or even work anywhere in Canada without any hassle whatsoever.
  • If your mind change after some period of time, you can also apply for the Canadian citizenship.
  • All the health care benefits as well as other social benefits which the Canadians receive, you will receive too.
  • You would also be protected under the Canadian law, anywhere inside Canada. If you get into a case, you would be treated equally as any other Canadian would have been treated.

What are the things you cannot do even if you are a permanent resident of Canada?

  • There are many high-security jobs which can reveal a lot to you about Canada. The Government of Canada cannot afford to let you know all these and hence, you would never be posted for such jobs.
  • You cannot enter any political party or even vote for the Government of Canada. That is a right, only to the Canadians and the permanent immigrants cannot interfere with it.