July 24, 2024
How to Save Money on Your Hotel Stay

Anyone can book a hotel near Georgetown, Penang but not everyone can save money while doing it. The good news is that it does not take a genius to find ways when it comes to saving money on hotel stays.

Here are some practical tips that you can consider if you want to save money on your hotel stay:

Stay off-season
The best way to save on your hotel room is to travel during the off-season. Keep in mind that traveling off-season can actually cut your hotel costs by up to two-thirds. During the off-season, there are only a few people traveling. This is the time the hotels drop their rates to pull in as many customers as they can.

Pick the right day
If you really need to travel during peak season, the least that you can do is to pick the right day. It is recommended to hit your destination during the week rather than the weekend. If you are a business traveler, you can find cheaper rates on weekdays also.

Book with the hotel directly
You should know that if you book from travel sites, you are also paying their commissions. Travel experts recommend that you book with the hotel directly. The best thing about booking directly is they will guarantee that you find the lowest possible rate.

Another benefit is most chains only grant loyalty points to travelers who book directly. If the chains do not match lower prices on the web, they can throw in extras like free night or gift cards. You should make the most out of this.

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Bundle your vacation
If it can’t be helped, you can use third-party travel sites to help you with the booking. However, when you do this, try to bundle your vacation. There are some travel sites that provide discounts if you buy airfare or rent a car at the same time you book the hotel room.

Book early
It is crucial that you make it a point to book early. You have to settle your mind when you decide to travel because time is of the essence. If you book early, you take advantage of falling rates.

Shop around
As with anything, you need to shop around so you can compare the prices. Remember that every hotel offers roughly the same thing – but for a different price. It is vital that you find the best rate by searching for hotel prices on different sites.

When you search for hotel prices on different sites, be sure to clear the cookies from your computer. This is to ensure that your search history is not affecting your search results. You should also call the hotel directly to check personally some of the best rates they offer.

Sign up for their loyalty program
Whatever the hotel chain, they offer loyalty programs. This is how they entice more customers for repeat business. For this, they will look into your frequent-flier miles, which will earn you free nights after a certain number of days. Aside from free nights, you may be entitled to discounts and other perks like room upgrades and evening receptions. The best thing – most are free to join.