May 28, 2024

Who doesn’t wish to turn heads on prom night? Prom is an important night in every girl and teenager’s life wherein she gets to flaunt her style and be the star of the night.

While prom doesn’t have any history connected to it, yet it has loads of legends backing its significance. With fairy tales almost setting the pedestal, the ideal dream of every girl for her prom dress is no less than resembling Cinderella

Thus, it becomes immensely important to choose the best if you want to leave the effect. Below listed are some factors which one must ensure when picking the perfect gown:

Choose Prom Dress in tandem to your Body Type

Body type is an essential consideration when picking the perfect outfit. This becomes even more essential before choosing one online. Often individuals get driven off with what they are shown on internet and end up buying the wrong outfit. Thus, we can term consideration of body type to be the most important criterion when shopping for the prom dress.

Do not choose the dress that the model wears

Do not get influenced by what model in the display picture is donning. It may look good on her, but foremost ask oneself does it suit your body type. Each one has different types of body and choosing an outfit which does complete justice to your features and shape is the magic recipe for turning heads.

Different body types:

Here is a quick guide for varied body types:

  • Hour Glass – The Hour Glass physique is the most common type characterized by a large bust, small waist, and curvaceous hips. These are those lucky ones who can dazzle in any prom dress. If you are one blessed with this body type considering strapless or halter top dresses with sashes is a perfect pick.
  • Rounded –Dresses with a drop waist and low neckline are the perfect pick for those with rounded body type. It helps in enhancing the bust and makes the torso seem lengthy. Opting for an empire dress with slight frills will create the right magic.
  • Pear Shaped – Dresses that are A-line shaped, straight cut with empire waists are right selection rendering a balance between height and shape.
  • Straight – Girls with a boyish shape can find it hard zeroing in on one dress, often getting disappointed by the end result. So, foremost avoid body-hugging dress and try A-line dress that will enhance your assets well-adding volume to your curves. Flared skirts and those with off shoulders are a good option.

Size of outfit

Another yet important point to consider when purchasing a perfect dress for prom night is sizing. Size is one of the most crucial aspects as with manufacturers the size of dresses also varies. You may be a size 10 but fit well in size 8 or 12 dress. So, if you don’t want to indulge in alterations better check the size chart which equals your body shape. Because while it’s easy to size down, it’s difficult to size up if it is small.