February 28, 2024

CBD Oil is the new rising star making its way to popularity in market. The rising demands of CBD oils and infused products has brought a new perspective in the whole making hemp and its sister non marijuana oils legal.

Although there are still many states in US and countries in the world where CBD and Hemp oils are illegal, the awareness regarding the positive effects and uses of CBD is spreading among people resulting in increasing number of users.

CBD Oil 

CBD oil is derived from hemp plant of the Cannabis Sativa species. However, these are the les processed plants and have very low amount of THC, the component responsible for the “high” effect of Marijuana and hash. CBD oil and Hemp Oil have very less amount of THC and thus are not psychoactive. On the other hand, they do have Cannabidiol, CBD which is under research for its benefits and medical effects on human beings. Multiple studies have come forward with a positive conclusion regarding CBD’s effective use in treating illnesses and its other health benefits.

How To Take CBD Oil 

CBD Oil can be taken in more than one ways. There are CBD or hemp induced tinctures, CBD capsules, CBD concentrates in syringes and other CBD infused products like creams, lotions, bathing salts and massage oils for external use. CBD can be consumed through multiple methods including vaping, dabbing, and oral consumption via sublingual methods aka applying under the tongue.

Marijuana oil cbd bottleMarijuana oil cbd bottle

Different forms of CBD require different ways of consumption, CBD oil extract, which is usually in a paste form, and tinctures are usually applied under the tongue and then swallowed. CBD dab can be consumed via vaping or dabbing and hemp e-liquids, via vaping.

Some Tips On Consumption 

  1. CBD and hemp oils are not approved by FDA. Thus their contents and purity are not regulated by it. There have even been cases where bottles of CBD were labelled with wrong information. Thus the doses should be very carefully administered and be small in size.
  2. Many users have claimed that they grew endurance to CBD Oil with continuous use and thus had to up their doses and the CBD content in their products. Thus, it is advisable to not start with pure CBD extracts. Use CBD infused products initially and when coming to pure CBD oil extracts, take very small sized doses.
  3. CBD has relaxing effect on your body. It reduces your blood pressure of the user. If you have low blood pressure issues, contact your doctor before using CBD in any form.
  4. Although CBD does not get you “high” or “stoned”, it is advisable to not engage in activities like driving when trying it for the first time as well as while increasing your dosage.
  5. If you are already on any kind of medication, especially blood thinners, try avoiding use of CBD or contact your doctor to know if it’s safe for you or not.

While there is more research needed on CBD Oil and its effects and interaction with body and other things we consume, CBD products are increasing in popularity especially with the edibles like vegan gummies, hemp infused food products like bread and so much more. But regulation of any direct intake of hemp or CBD oil is very important to avoid complications and side effects like diarrhea, nausea and even extreme low blood pressure. A careful usage of CBD offers immensely positive health benefits.