June 22, 2024

There are various countries which can provide various valuable to international students. The number of students who are planning to study abroad is increasing day by day. There are various courses which a student can pursue their further studies after schooling and even after education. Today foreign countries provide various great career opportunities to the students with all the new experience for the students. There are various countries that can be chosen by a person to study in abroad. Here are some of the countries that provide an ideal platform for Indian students.


China is known to be one of the widest international hubs for students to pursue their education with all the quality they need. There are multiple courses that can be chosen by a student’s such MD, Engineering, Hotel Management, and MBBS. The study MBBS in China is ranked among the best MBBS studies in the world today. China can be an ideal option for students who want the best education at cheap prices.

One can choose to enroll among any medical universities in China. The course of MBBS is of 5 years for Chinese students, and for international students, the duration can be 6 years in the English Language. There are various facilities that are provided to the students who study MBBS in China or other countries such as hostel facility, various cuisines, and medical facilities at any time.


Philippine is known to be one of the countries which provide the best medical courses to the students. There are various Bachelor courses such as Arts, Commerce, etc. and medicinal courses such as MS, MD. The course duration for study MBBS in Philippines is 6 years for the students who want to study this course in English language and MD course is for 4 years. There are multiple languages that are spoken in the Philippines by the people. The Philippines provides a home to people with a wide variety of culture and ethics. The universities of the Philippines offer various facilities to their students such as:

  • Bank account Facility
  • Hostel Facility
  • Medical Facilities
  • Internship Facility
  • Insurance Facility


Russia is among the most leading spots for the international studies of the candidates with various greater career opportunities. Students who wish to study in international countries can choose Russia as their desired option for studying abroad as it provides various globally valuable courses to the students. There are multiple courses offered by the universities of Russia, and each course has its own particular duration for the students to complete them and achieve a degree. The Medicinal courses are one of the most preferred courses by the students in Russia as people tend to keep interested in medical courses as it offers good career opportunities.

The students who want to study MBBS in Russia may have to spend 1 year extra for the courses to study it in the native language English while Russian language MBBS is of 5-6 years. There are many languages that are spoken by the students in different regions of Russia. Medical universities in Russia offer various facilities to the students for their safety and wellness of their health.


The above-mentioned information is about the countries which provide an ideal platform for the students who want to study in abroad. These mentioned countries offer one of the finest and cheapest courses to the students.