May 28, 2024

Iceland is a gorgeous country with many areas to find.

  1. Taking a road trip

Even though there are sea Road excursions or Vik excursions, it is ideal to travel in your own so that you can have your personal pace.

Taking the road excursion, it is possible to see just how beautiful nature is, and watch the changes in the landscape across the street. Additionally, by moving on road trips all on your personal computer, you could save a lot of money on excursions.

There are items which you ought to contemplate on the street in Iceland too. By way of instance, some avenues are closed in winter, and a few are prohibited or just get allowed to enter by particular vehicles.

  1. Hiking in Iceland

With lots of beautiful hiking paths, hillsmountains, Iceland is a superb place to go trekking. However, since Icelandic weather is inconsistent, you may have issues with un-walkable paths and fogs.

Where to go trekking in Iceland?

There are lots of areas for trekking in Iceland. I had been there half an evening walking around the region and exploring character.

  1. Observing the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights is on the bucket list of matters most people in Iceland want to experience.

It is based upon the weather, on the clouds, in your fortune if it’s possible to see the auroras. Therefore, you need to inspect the aurora prediction and cloud prediction to test it beforehand.

  1. Watching the sunset in Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Seljalandsfoss waterfall is just one of those must-visit areas in Iceland.

Especially, in the late afternoon, once the sun is down, seeing the sunset in Seljalandsfoss is among the most amazing things to do in Iceland.

Tips: You need to deliver a waterproof coat when seeing waterfalls.


  1. Seeing the deserted airplane mess

Seeing the deserted DC airplane on the black shore at Sólheimasandur ought to be in your Iceland travel listing.

You will find from Reykjavík to Sólheimasandur, however I drove by car. After a very long walk (approximately 3km) in the parking lot, you’ll have the ability to observe this abandoned airplane crash.

  1. Moving into the spring

Seeing the spring is excellent once the weather is chilly outside. Apart from the most well-known hot spring — Blue lagoon, it is possible to discover other organic ones if traveling in Iceland.

By way of instance, you should not overlook the Secret Lagoon when researching the Golden Circle.

  1. Exploring the Glacier and Iceberg

I felt like that I seen Antarctic once I saw that the Iceberg and the Glacier.

It was a fantastic experience during my visit to Iceland. You may even listen to the noise of if the Iceberg was dropped also.

  1. Seeing a crater

Iceland is the property of volcanos, therefore it might be a pity if you don’t stop by any volcanic crater throughout your Iceland excursion.

If you are in your Golden Circle excursion, you need to stop by Kerið — the underwater crater lake and invest a few hours . You’ll have to pay a small entry fee to see Kerið, but it’s well worth every penny.

  1. Walking across the black sand beach

The rear sand originated in the basalt lava which covers a lot of the region.

There are numerous little stones on the shore, so it is quite enjoyable to play together. Below is my image in Vik.

  1. Trying Icelandic food

Iceland is expensive, and that’s your food. But don’t let it prevent you from attempting Icelandic specialties. There are lots of dishes that you need to try from Iceland, in the noodle soup into the dried fish. Read this informative article to understand more.

Though eating in Iceland isn’t budget-friendly, but you ought to attempt their conventional food when seeing Iceland.

  1. Observing midnight sun

Should you go to Iceland in the summer or spring, you may see the midnight sun. The sunlight doesn’t appear to come down, so the sky isn’t totally dark at nighttime.

The skies at 10 pm May remains clear and bright and looks as though it was around the late day. It is even brighter from June to August, and that means you might want to adjust to accommodate to the surroundings.

  1. Playing Icelandic pony

They’re smaller than normal and also have pony-size.

Many horses offer riding tours and selling horses, but you can observe Icelandic horses when shooting a street excursion in Iceland too.

Thus, you do not have to cover the entry fee but nevertheless can furry.

  1. Locating puffins

Puffins are adorable creatures which it is possible to see in Iceland besides Icelandic ponies. In the middle of April into mid-August, you are able to see puffins in some regions in Iceland.

Bonus stage: It is free to watch those cuties!

  1. Hitchhiking

Perhaps you have tried hitchhiking?

Otherwise, Iceland is a excellent place to get started. As folks are friendly and helpful, it is possible to quickly receive a lift. Additionally, there are lots of travelers in Iceland moving on a road trip, and they might share a chair with you also.

Iceland was the first state which I tried hitchhiking, and that I had a fantastic experience with it.

With hitchhiking, you can save a lot of money on transport, so if you are on a budget visit to Iceland, you ought to think about it.

It is quite simple.

In the beginning, I believed that it is not safe to hitchhike, but Iceland’s drivers were shown to be the reverse. They’re extremely friendly and helpful. So give yourself a try in case you move there.

  1. Camping in Iceland

Camping is a great way to go to Iceland on a budget since you don’t have to spend much money on lodging.

  1. Going to the capital

Though character in Iceland is appealing, you shouldn’t overlook Reykjavík — that the capital of Iceland. There are lots of things to do this, from walking across the river, frightening at the playground, to seeing the marketplace.

Intriguing Facts About Iceland

There Are Not Many People

If you’re like me, you love traveling to places that aren’t overly crowded. Iceland can be good for this, compared to other areas of Europe, as long as you steer clear of the Reykjavik area. The population of Iceland is just 339,462, with over a third of those people living in the capital town. Iceland is nearly the size of Kentucky, which has 4.4 million taxpayers. While tourism has boomed over the last 10 decades, there are still plenty of places to research where you are going to be mostly alone.

Iceland Is An Eco-Friendly Country

I was quite impressed to learn that the huge majority of Iceland’s power source comes in geothermal and hydro energy. In other words, this is a country that has clean electricity and a small carbon footprint. Iceland’s scientists are currently working on a means to harness more geothermal energy as part of a plan that can change the whole world.

Surveys indicate that 54.4 percent of the country believes in the existence of huldufólk, invisible elves & trolls living in the countryside, with others being at least open to the possibility. You may even see evidence of this belief during your trip to Iceland from the tiny wooden álfhól”elf homes” that some people today build for the elves to live in. Iceland even comes with a formal Elf School where it is possible to learn about Icelandic elf history.

McDonald’s Does Not Exist In Iceland

Once on a time, you could dine at one of Iceland’s few McDonald’s restaurants. This altered in 2009, and the Golden Arches don’t seem set to make a return at any point in the not too distant future. I was pleased by this truth, but do not stress; there are several other fast food chains in Iceland. Hotdogs are especially popular there!

Iceland Is among the Safest Countries

Coming in the U.S., I had been pleasantly surprised by the way infrequent violent crimes are in Iceland. How rare, you inquire? The nation was completely rocked by an unprecedented number of murders in 2017: four. In a normal year, there is an average of 1.6 murders and a very low instance of other violent or drug-related crimes.

It Was Once Covered In Trees

This intriguing fact is also among those very few things about Iceland that isn’t very idyllic. Ahead of the Vikings plundered Iceland, 40 percent of this country was covered in trees. However, they needed all of the trees to build houses, boats, and to clear land for farming. Now, that number is only 2 percent, although reforestation efforts are still underway.

Mosquitoes will make life miserable at times at the U.S., so that I was thrilled to find out that Iceland is among the planet’s few mosquito-free environments. No matter what time of year you visit, you won’t need to be concerned about such pests. It’s surprising that the people of Iceland is not higher for this 1 reason alone.

They Eat Some Terrible Stuff

Iceland has some fairly disgusting food available to consume. Now, do not get me wrong. They are also known for some really good seafood and lamb. However, their conventional dishes might produce a gag-reflex! The most famous has to be Hakarl, or fermented shark. This material is buried underground for 6-12 weeks, then hung out to dry in sunlight. It tastes like ammonia (urine? ) ) And is eaten with shots of unsweetened schnapps. Yum! Oh, and they occasionally enjoy a little smoked sheep’s head too.