April 17, 2024

COVID has affected the functioning of the world to a greater extent. People are going to be scared even after it gets over. There are many people who have lost their loved ones and some might have come out of it miserably. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the disease will not return. So, the best way will be to adopt all the COVID protocols in the office even after the world gets free from the disease. As it is the new normal, offices will need to incorporate a new design for which they will have to get new office furniture.

Marking At Every Crossovers

The first step will be to make sure that people follow the social distancing protocol.

·         Thus, as the initial steps of the protocol, the company will call limited employees to the office. Longer commuting hours would not be acceptable in the new normal.

·         There are many places in the office that usually stay crowded and proper circles need to be deployed at such places. There are junctions that most people would use in the office. So, proper distancing protocols need to be followed at such junctions.

Reducing Shared Items

There are many items in the office that people often use on a sharing basis.

·         All the stationery such as copy machines, newspapers, coffee machines and snacks bars are common at many corporate places.

·         These things need to sanitize after every use. So, the new office design will include a sanitizer at every point and near every shared location. However, the people have to make sure that they maintain proper hygiene.

Shielded Cubicles

Cubicles were usually open with only a desk to place the computer and other items.

·         The new design of office furniture London has cubicles will include larger plastic shields around the desk. This will help in covering the person from all four sides and will disable movement of germs.

·         However, wearing a mask can also solve the problem. So, a mask along with a shielded cubicle can help to a greater extent.


Earlier, people were not that concerned about using sanitizer. However, the new office design will have to include sanitizers at every possible location for easy use. Moreover, people need to be made aware about the use of the sanitizers.

Thus, the office furniture London for the new normal will be different from the original offices. People will have to understand all the protocols and they should be made mandatory at the offices.