June 18, 2024

In Marlborough college, Malaysia, the senior school from year 9 to 13 that caters education with the international curriculum of IGCSE till year 11 and the International Baccalaureate till year 13. Students can pursue a tailored program that is designed to suit their personality and to support, challenge and stimulate them. The British senior school at Marlborough college will also help the child to pursue their talents, develop and discover the various face of their talent.

Here you have a whole bunch of academic enrichment and extension activities, like concerts, conferences, poetry reading, debates, art gallery and Museum visits, theatre trips and lectures. This will help them in realizing their true potential and also not to block their creative space. Students can pursue their talents and also enrich themselves with all the data available at the senior school. The timetable of the school is also modified in such a way that they can allow various activities to occur like sports pictures and subject related day trips.

The teachers are well educated in their specific British education areas and you can be assured that your child is in the right hands. You will see that most of the teachers are British trained and have vast experience in the subjects. The results of the students in IGCSE and IB are very remarkable internationally and also are an added asset to the school’s decorum. The pupils at the senior schools are respectful, inclusive, receptive, and great, with a very helpful and friendly spirit displayed throughout the year groups. Nicholas Eatough is the head of the senior school who is a UCL graduate himself and has done masters in history.

Here at the British senior school, you will find students from various race, religion and communities so your child can socialize with pupils from different parts of the world. Students can get to know each other and learn about each other through various techniques and also follow their passion for studies at the same time. Education standards are very high with excellent opportunities for the students to understand their potential and aim for high grades with good results.  They have various extracurricular activities and they have teachers who are experts in their respective fields who are ready to bring the best out of the children. You can relax and think that your child is in the best place with the best opportunities in hand. Here the child is free to explore himself and get the best education possible among his peers and he can relate to everything about it to everyone.  The Marlborough school provides an excellent foundation to nurture your child’s brain and mould it into the best of their potential. It’s a great way to learn and make friends in a secure environment for senior students.