July 24, 2024
Swimming Classes in Singapore

Do you want your is to learn how to swim? Then it is high time you registered them at Odysseus Aquatics. This site has proved itself to be one of the best places to visit as far as swimming is concerned and you will always get good value for money. Swimming can help to boost the confidence of your kids and get them better prepared for the future.  You will come by so many professional coaches at this outlet and many of them have put in several years and know how to teach your kids swimming so that they can learn faster and more effectively.  You will always get good value for money when you register your kids at this outlet for swimming classes.  The earlier you do that the better for you. Every registered student at this site is expected to go through swimsafer test to ascertain his expertise in swimming.

How to prepare for the test

The test is essential and every student is expected to participate. While coming over to Odysseus Aquatics for this test, it is essential to bring along certain items, like short-sleeve t-shirt, goggles, shorts, caps and long pants. However, only students from levels 1 to 4 are required to bring shorts for the test, while only students in levels 5 and 6 are required to bring long pants for the test.  You will have to make yourself available at Woodlands Swimming Complex for you to be able to take the swimsafer test.  The complex is located beside the ActiveSG Sports Centre. When you reach this lotion, you can come over to the ping pong and foosball tables close to the gym where the professionals from Odysseus Aquatics will be waiting to assess the swimming expertise of your kids.

Swimming Classes in Singapore

Everyone is expected to arrive on time. First of all, check when your kid is to arrive at the location and make sure the kid is there on time. Your kid will not be allowed to take the test if he or she arrives late.  What is more, you will not get a refund, neither will there be any chance of a rescheduling. The expected time of arrival of your kid at the venue depends on the level he or she is in.

Aside from the practical test to be taken at the Woodlands Swimming Complex, your kid will also be require to take a theory test.  The theory test is to be taken online. The theory test is compulsory; your kid will forfeit his certificate if he fails to take the test.  You are expected to get the test completed within 2 weeks after you have gone through the practical assessment  so that there will be no delay in  the processing of your results. You will never regret registering your kids for swimming classes at this outlet.