April 17, 2024
Laundry delivery

Doing laundry takes very much time, and when you have your whole week’s clothes, it can even take your half-day or full day if you include bed sheets or quilts. That’s why giving your clothes or other washing items to the laundry services that not only wash your cloth but fold and iron, and it’ll save your time and effort. In Singapore, there are 100 laundromats, which means 100 options to choose from. It is about your favorite clothes so choose the best with high-quality service. For that, you’ll have to go through the internet and research about it, which will take your precious time.

As we are talking about saving your time, we have enlisted some of the best, well-known, and experienced¬†laundry delivery singapore. Well, it’s best when they pick up and deliver to your doorstep.

Laundry delivery

Choose from the following-

The services offered by these include the following-


  1. Collect your laundry from your doorstep
  2. Clean and dry clean it
  3. Deliver in 24 hrs.
  4. Track your order
  5. 24*7 online customer support service.
  6. Best price guaranteed.

Big Mama

  • Premium home services to individuals
  • Offers 15% discount on first order
  • They also do other services like alteration, car seat cleaning.
  • They have 10 years of experience in laundry and dry cleaning.
  • Delivery depends on item type.

Sunday laundry

  1. Expertise in delivering freshness to your clothes.
  2. Do cleaning of carpet, curtain, upholstery, or regular clothing
  3. Delivery in 5days.


  • Free pick-up
  • Premium-quality services.
  • They have their app also so that you can order through it.
  • Deliver the next day.

These are the best, experienced, affordable, and well-known laundry services in Singapore, which we have enlisted for you. Though giving laundry to these services will add to your monthly expenses, the time and effort it saves are worth the money. The average cost for the typical wash and fold services is around $5.24 per kg. With quilt, bedsheets, exotic wears, or if you want them to iron, then the average cost could be between $20 – $30 per kg. Most of the laundry services also provide other services like home cleaning and all so you can get your whole home clean.

So, one-stop and many house chores are complete. You can utilize the time you save for other work or spend some time with your family.