May 28, 2024
details of bong

There are various types of equipment that are available in the market to smoke the weed. Among them bong pot is one type of equipment that is used to smoke the weed directly without rolling in any paper. By using this equipment you can directly inhale smoke of the weed and it works in the presence of any liquid whenever you can use water or any soft drinks. There are various segments that are available in bong pot in which one of them will be filled with liquid and the other various segments are filled with the type of material that you want to smoke. Generally people use weed in the material place so that they can smoke the weed which is directly inhaled through the pipe that is attached to the segment. TheseĀ bongs are generally most used in the pubs where they will be used in the combination of alcohol. These are preferred with the presence of alcohol so that the mood that they get will be achieved very easily. You will get lots of smoke while using the bong pot and it is more dangerous when compared to the normal as you have to put lots of pressure to inhale which will ruin the lungs.

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Know about the different flavours that were used in the bong

  • Usually the taste of the bongs will be changed depending upon the type of flavour that you have used in it
  • Most of the people use mint flavour to inhale the bong so that they will fill cooler in the throat which will be very smoothing to enjoy.
  • Apart from the mint flavour there are various other types of flavours that are available in the market and you can choose any of them
  • Some people change the liquid that were used in the water segment because the flavour also enhances depending upon the type of liquid that you are using.
  • The most interesting thing with this bong pot is it can be shared with more number if people and can be used by multiple times.
  • But it is not possible with the other smoking material as they will stand for shorter duration when compared to this bong pot


Check out the quality and the build of the bong pot before purchasing so that you will enjoy the party with your friends and they will also appreciate your efforts.