June 18, 2024
Every detail about powder handling equipment needed for milk powder production

Dairy-firmed powders of milk proffer stability, and many options of nutrients that can be utilized as a substitute for fresh milk, a healthy quick drink, and a wide range of ingredients for milk powder production. The expectations of the customer are persistent and highly soluble products that relish immense and are instantly dissolved. On the other hand, manufacturers expect hygienic, dependable powder handling equipment and plants that operates standard quality milk products along with the same composition of chemical and physical attributes.

Milk powder manufacturing includes a huge investment in resources, ingredients, and equipment. You need robust, intelligent equipment and components that offer them a better final solution that assists to hold your procedures competitive and profitable.

Modern solutions for hygienic and safe processing

powder handling equipment

The safety of microbiology should be assured at every phase of the powder process. The combination of ceramic microfiltration and separators sensibly detach bacteria that are heat-resistant and several spores from whey and milk, along with the minimum effect on nutritional content, taste, and several other conclusive properties of the product.

Modern solutions of evaporation for heat and water recycling

The process of evaporation is one of the main stages in the production of milk powder that eliminates the mass of the excess water out of the mix prior to liquid into drying spray.

Spray dryers for high-quality powders

The somatic attributes of the end powder product are carried out at the stage of spray drying. The crucial stage imposes on the specific size and power density, stability, solubility, and agglomeration. Spray dryers are created to generate persistent, accurately termed powders, in every batch.

Safe refrigerator for milk powder

Several phases of the process of milk powder rely on correct temperature management of refrigeration and heat. The refrigerator will proffer your system to maintain the ingredients and products of milk powder under suitable conditions.

Butter-making machine

This can be utilized to generate sour, lactic, and sweet cream butter that is gained mainly from soured and sweet cream. Implying further ingredients, nevertheless, also permits the production of serial of combined fats with less fat content, along with fat additives vegetables, or also with a decreased content named as SNF.


Powder handling equipments are in great demand because there are currently several milk powder manufacturers. They immensely help these industries and proffer them a better final product. This article covers all the relevant information about these equipments. I hope it immensely helped you.