May 28, 2024
Lay Them Peacefully In The Garden Of Peace To Visit Them Again

Cremating the dead ones and carrying the ash to the place that they last wanted to be is what a lot of people think will provide peace to their souls. But what if their last wish was to be in a garden that had their favourite flower? Maybe that is why there is an area called garden of peace in Singapore to satisfy their loved ones. But is it a good option and what will be the benefits of doing this, over other ash-scattering options? Is it even legal to use this place just for scattering ash because no one wants a garden with only ash either?

Satisfy Your Loved One’s Wish

If their last wish was to be with the blooming flowers then that is exactly what you should give them. many believe that if their wish is not fulfilled, then they still roam about the area and don’t get to go to the afterlife. But no one wants their dead ones grieving because their wish was not fulfilled.

That is why it is a good option to listen to their wish and have an in-land ash scattering ceremony for them in the garden.

garden of peace

A Legal Space For Ashes

The garden is only for ash scattering ceremonial and is not bound to any religion. Everyone is welcome to the garden with the right company supporting their arrival and have their loved one’s ash scattered in a place that they think is the best. Since it is exclusively for ash scattering, the site is completely legal for the same.

So you can leave your loved one in the place they wished to be without worrying that the ashes will be removed away.

Come Back To Pour Your Love

It is never easy to entirely part with them and forgets that they ever existed. Let it be a happy moment or a sad one, you feel the need to go and tell the same. But scattering their ash in a random garden will not allow you to go back to them any time. On the other hand, you do want to meet them from time to time.

So scattering them in this garden meant only for ashes will let you come back to them any time. you can even put up pluck cards where you left them behind to come exactly back to them as well.