July 24, 2024
DriverZ driving schools list

Do you think you’re the best driver in your city? It might be hard to tell, but it’s not impossible to find out. One way is to take an official road test in your city and learn how you rate against other drivers by comparing your grade with theirs. Another way you can tell how good of a driver you are, regardless of your actual grade, is by looking at the top four qualities of a good driver as stated on DriverZ driving schools list.

1) A good driver knows the rules

As stated by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, every road user is required to know and obey the rules. This includes bicyclists, pedestrians, passengers and all other roadway users. When it comes to driving skills and knowledge on the rules, there are other essential qualities that make up a skilled driver.

2) A good driver can handle stressful situations

Every driver has experienced something stressful. That being said, not every person handles it well. This can be for any number of reasons, but it’s important to understand what makes someone a good driver in the face of unexpected emergencies. First and foremost, DriverZ driving schools list teaches drivers to stay calm when they’re faced with risky situations like an erratic or aggressive person on the road. They should also know how to get themselves out of these kinds of predicaments if they feel uncomfortable.

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3) A good driver follows traffic laws

Breaking traffic laws will create hazards and collisions, which increases the chance for accidents. When drivers break traffic laws, they increase the risk of putting themselves and others in danger. The law may not always be fair, but it’s important to follow it because being courteous and following the rules help keep everyone safe.

Don’t forget that driving defensively is one of the best things you can do to reduce risk on the road.

4) A good driver is aware of their surroundings

A good driver is always aware of their surroundings and knows when to take different routes in order to avoid traffic. They plan out their destination in advance and take into account current events and road construction in order to drive the most efficient route possible. In some cases, this may mean driving around the block, or even parking the car temporarily and walking or using public transportation.