June 18, 2024
Surprising Benefits Of Tonic Water And What Exactly Is It

When it comes to certain drinks like a classic gin, its best pair will always be tonic water. And since there are now different types of gin in the market, tonic water is following the trend. But what exactly is Australian tonic water? And how is it that it’s believed to have health benefits? If you have these questions in mind, then this article is for you.

What Is Tonic Water?

Tonic water is a carbonated drink. It contains alkaloid quinine. Sometimes called “Indian tonic water,” the alkaloid in it gives it that bitter, astringent taste. Back in the day quinine was used to help treat people suffering from malaria. It was also used as a flavoring for traditional foods of many European countries. And in the early 1600s, Peruvian Incas from the Andes spread the use of tonic water.

Australian tonic water

Benefits of Tonic Water

People continue to use quinine for a wide range of health problems. It was then a mixture of quinine powder, sugar, and carbonated water and is used as a medicine. And now, they come in a variety of tastes and types to fit your preference. But what does tonic water exactly do to the body? Let’s go ahead and find out.

  • Possible Cure for Malaria. This is what tonic water is known for and even up to this day, it is still used by many as one of the possible treatments for malaria. In fact in some countries, tonic water is used as part of managing malaria. Quinine in tonic water can destroy the ‘schizont’ of malarial parasites. It is also believed to kill protozoan parasites, ‘Plasmodium vivax’ and ‘Plasmodium malariae.’
  • Alleviate Leg Cramps. It has also been discovered that quinine can help reduce cramping in the legs. Nevertheless, it is advised to keep quinine dosage in mind at all times. Additionally, you should only use tonic water that comes from reputable and trustworthy suppliers.
  • Cure and Manage For Fever. Due to its antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties, quinine tonic water is believed to have helped bring down and prevent fever. That is why it is a commonly used cure for malaria.
  • Weight Control. It is believed that tonic water can help manage weight. In fact, when diet supplementation is incorporated with quinine, it can decrease food intake. As a result, regular intake of tonic water can help reduce weight.

Where to Get Tonic Water

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