July 24, 2024
What is a radiology dosimetry center? Why is it used?

centro de dosimetría is a place where the radiation emitted is monitored and provides surveillance service for the people exposed to ionizing radiation.

Radiopharmaceutical therapy is a place where patients are treated with radioactive materials. This is used to treat cancer cells and other abnormal disease cells. The radioactive rays target the cancer cells to damage and kill them. As the radiation exposure of healthy tissues will also damage Target radionuclide therapy is used as a treatment method for various cancer treatments.

Here, the normal cells are affected by radiation . The more absorbed the tumor cells, the more the cells will be killed due to radiation. In medicine, physicists have some special expertise in methods that are used to absorb cells. The method is collaborative with the physician and the nuclear medicine technologist.

When a patient undergoes this treatment, the doctor will check with a dosimetry test prior to the actual therapy. During this process, three or more nuclear medical images will be collected at different times. Rarely, only one image will be collected by the medical team. Then the physicist will collect the patient’s blood, urine, and stool samples to calculate the radiation in the samples.

Dosimetry center

After that, the medical physicist in the centro de dosimetría starts treatment based on the bio distribution of the patient’s body. Mistakes can be made during the X-ray scan that affect the entire beam involved in radiation delivery. Or the mistake can be made anywhere. As this is an individual mistake, it can’t be figured out until checking back. So, the center designs a device to measure the absorbed radiation during the treatment. These recheck and confirm the radiation at each stage of the treatment and help to identify the mistake.

Dosimetries are classified into two types of tests:

  1. Individual dosimetry
  2. Non-individual dosimetry
  1. Individual dosimetry

A personal dosimeter is used for a particular person to know the radiation exposure that they are exposed to at work. These tests are classified into two types by the usage namely:

  1. Whole-body dosimetry
  2. Abdominal dosimetry
  1. Non-individual dosimetry

Here, a group of people in a work place are measuring the exposure range of radiation in a particular work place. These tests are classified by three types of dosimetries:

  1. Area Dosimetry for Personal Dose
  2. Zone assessment using area dosimetry
  3. Control dosimetry