June 21, 2024
Dab Quartz Banger

Quartz Bangers are a type of nail that are often used with rigs and water pipes to smoke concentrates. This post will help you find your way through the many design options you have. Remember that the type of quartz banger that you choose will depend on personal preference. There are different options for you so let us also go ahead and take a look at the different types of dab quartz bangers that you can choose from.

Standard Bangers.

This is by far the simplest and the easiest-to-use type of bangers on this list. They are made with a big quartz dish and are perfect for a beginner because of its simple design. And when it gets hot enough to dab, the thin-walled banger cools down quickly.

Thermal Bangers.

The thermal bangers are the more improver versions of the traditional style. They are much prefered because they keep the dabs vaping at a much lower temperature. The design of these bangers is pretty impressive because the heated quartz doesn’t directly touch the dabs. This way, dabbing last longer.

dab quartz bangers

Thermal Insert Bangers.

Moving from the traditional thermal bangers here comes the more modern version with a unique twist to it. It has a separate quartz dish for dabbing. This way you can keep your quartz bowl clean while you are enjoying your long and tasty hits.

Reactor Core Bangers.

This type of banger uses a nuclear reactor for a more unique experience. The solid quartz cylinder at the center lets it keep heat for longer. This will make your dabbing sessions last longe than the regular types. This may take a while to get hot, but once it does, it stays hot for a long time. If you want to experience the best results, try using a directed carb cap along with a reactor core banger.


How To Use Quartz Banger

It is very important that you know how to properly use your quartz banger. First, turn the torch on but keep the flame away from anything that could catch fire. Make sure that you do not burn the glass of your rig or water pipe. Once you start heating it up, it will only take seconds to start creating smoke. And after taking your banger off the torch, ensure that you let it cool first so that it’s at the right temperature for dabbing.

As soon as you put your dab in the banger, start taking hits from the mouthpiece to keep the vapor flowing through the rig or water pipe. By this time, the carb caps should be on top of the banger. The carb cap will spread out the air and smoke. This way your dab roll and hits last longer.