April 17, 2024
Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Many of you must have taken CBD oil and also benefitted by it. You must be wondering how you can make your own CBD oil.

Therefore, it will be interesting to know about full spectrum CBD oil so that you can consider about making your own CBD oil too.

Usually, there can be 4 different methods by which most of the CBD oil manufacturers usually employ and also your CBD oil will have few distinct characteristics, based on the methods used for making your CBD oil.

Before selecting your plant for producing CBD oil, it is necessary that your plant that you have chosen must be properly tested to make sure that it contains THC content which should be below 0.3 per cent.

Since most of the CBD products that are available in the market exclusively mention in their level that their product contains THC level which is always less than 0.3 per cent.

Few methods of CBD oil production

Based on your production method, equipment and solvents used in the manufacturing process may differ. There are 4 different methods used today and each one has its merit, though CO2 extraction process is considered to be one of the best methods by all consumers.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

1. CBD oil with whole-plant extract method

This method is quite popular among those people who are searching for “entourage effect” which means that CBD product may contain many numbers of properties of the chosen plant and not only just CBD isolates.

Your final product may include little THC, though it can always be sold as a hemp CBD, which has threshold that will be less than 0.3%.

Few people believe that by consuming all micro-ingredients of any organic hemp plant, which is not just an isolated CBD, can yield more benefit.

This theory appears to be similar to getting all your nutrients from your food versus certain vitamin that will isolate only few characteristics of food source.

2. Isolate method

Only pure CBD can be extracted with this process and everything else will be filtered out. Those who are actually looking for any THC-free experience may tend to prefer only isolates.

3. CO2 extraction

This process is also known as “Supercritical carbon-dioxide extraction method”. CO2 is relatively a new process which uses carbon-dioxide as a solvent.

This can be a favorable alternative of any chemical process and can be used in various food industries for items like omega-3 oil and coffee etc.

While this process can be most expensive, but it can produce the highest quality as well as purest product, and therefore it can be extraction method of any one’s choice as a very well-known CBD product.

4. Ethanol extraction

This kind of process uses ethanol for removing CBD from the cannabis plant. It is much faster as compared to CO2 extraction method, which may not need any sophisticated equipment.

However, since ethanol is a flammable material and hence there is some amount of risk involved whole making CBD oil by using this method.