July 12, 2024
Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan 2020 is the first electric vehicle from the company, which is a sports sedan. It offers incredible acceleration along with sports car handling experience, quick recharging capability and more. It is a car for people who cares about the environment but still wants to feel the thrill of driving asports car when behind the steering wheel. To own a Porsche Taycan 2020, visit dealers who sell sports cars in Bakersfield. However, before that, know about this vehicle a bit first.

Power of this car

Taycan 4S comes equipped with two electric engines/motors. It has a peak output when it comes to horsepower. The 4S model with base battery offers 522 horsepower; 4S with a larger battery will offer 563 horsepower, Turbo offers 670 horsepower, and lastly, Turbo S offers 750 horsepower.

Rear motor’s shift comes with the unique transmission of 2-speed, which is unnoticeable when driving in normal mode. However, when an individual activates the launch control, Porsche Taycan knocks one-two shift, which is as quick as any other Sports gas-powered vehicle.

Porsche Taycan

The Turbo S model takes about 2.4 seconds to reach 0-60 mph that makes it one of the fastest electric vehicles in the market. The rest of the models take about 3 to 4 seconds to reach this speed, which is still impressive as all these vehicles fall under EV category.

Three models and their costs

Porsche taycan comes in three different trims namely 4S, which costs $105,150 while the Turbo is priced at $152,250 and the Turbo S trim will cost one $186,350. People looking to buy this vehicle often opt for the 4S or Turbo as it offers plenty of features along with ample speed to enjoy the quality ride. However, people looking to get the best out of their Porsche Taycan always chooses the Turbo S version.

Also, since optional equipment list is available for this Porsche car, choosing the ultimate Taycan from Bakersfield sports car dealer is quite an intimate affair for all. Just a suggestion, always choose the 150-kilowatt charger which triples charging power when one is charging it at fast-charging DC stations.

Interior design and styling

Even with a sleek and low roofline, people will enjoy how spacious the interior cabin is. Just an example, an individual of 6-foot can easily sit in front as well as rear with plenty of legroom. Four seating model is standard, but a five-seating design, (3 seats on the rear) is also an option people can choose. Also, it has a cargo space of 17 cubic feet that is divided between the front compartment and trunk.

Also, the interior is equipped with features like Bluetooth, Sirius XM satellite radio, Apple CarPlay, and more. In addition, it has a touchscreen infotainment system which helps in controlling climate efficiently, along with a series of other options.

This is an ideal car for people who care about the environment and yet want to experience the thrills of driving a sports vehicle. Hence, you need to get a Taycan 2020 in your garage soon.

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